Yannie Rants

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by watertight, May 24, 2005.

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  1. Sat home waiting for that morning delivery that still hasn't fckuing arrived I attempted to decipher the truth behind Yannie. A collection of quotes follow, shouting removed but no other grammar change. Is anyone in agreement that this must be a wind up?

    •i would vote for my self , because i am so important and i believe in woman and girlfriend rights

    •hi every one ,this person as to lie on a floor in a gym, that is really bad .
    this person is not a animal , and should be treated with a duty of care .
    dont put up with it , just be respectful and write a letter and say what you upset about the reason`s. hope you will have a bed to sleep on soon....

    •hi everyone, being single with no kids , cant cook , clean and iorn .
    bored of studying what does a squaddie girl friend to do when he is away fighting for queen and country

    •actually my boyfriend, is handsome like to give order`s when i let him
    because being a civy , i can answer back and dont get thrown in the glass house when i have P.M.T.

    •no but it will spoil me , because to be honest my boyfriend does everything for me .he like me to act dull , so it makes him feel important

    •is that a magazine which you find articles in

    •i am a lady who need`s to have everyting done for me sorry

    •may be all british people should not say anything , do you think all the people who have fought for our country would have so much attention

    •the piano gentleman , i personally think as come to the uk , to get publicity because he is un known in is own country, and don`t forget we have a great n.h.s. sysytem when you dont have to wait ...

    •hi everyone, if there are some guy`s who need a friend to have a moan too contac me
    kindest regards

    •hi everyone, what does a miltary guy look for. when they are intrested in having a friendship with a lady

    •hi everyone, why do everyone think , that because you are both single, you want to have children and not get married.

    •hi everyone , bit is not fair in the uk , if you are a uk citzen you have to wait month`s to see a specialist if you have a medical problem. if you are p.m. you are seen straight away.

    •hi everyone, i wish all troop`s who joined our british forces. had equal pay .equal pension and equal rights .

    •i am young sweet and innocent just like the girl/guy, next door.
    i am very vunerable and i want a action girl/guy to take care of me

    •you are all having a stress, think about poor lady`s like me to can`t iron .
    wish i had someone to do it for me

    •hi, how are you, you sound really sad, i think you sound like a lovely gentleman who needs lots of tender loving care.
    sorry am in the u.k. where it always rain`s and no social life lol.

    My head hurts.
  2. Did she write all that dross :roll:

    No wonder your head hurts WT

    Still it gives us another mong to bash when she posts some more dross
  3. Yeah, all that is cool, but is she HOT???
  4. She will be when we chuck her in Bernoulli's Pit.
  5. Gosh shock horror woman prints garbage wow I wonder if its happened before.
  6. Should we invite her to Salisbury ? Be a good laugh dont you think .
  7. what get her pissed and then kick her cu*t in
  8. I wonder if she used to be in Grange Hill

    It sounds like she types as she speaks in which case she is undoubtedly the annoying west indian girl that used to hang around with the salad dodging chubster Roland.

    I can hear her now "Wot R U talkin abot Roooland"

    She was an annoying mong too :lol:
  9. PML. When you see all her stuff together it's actually quite funny. She has been annoying me for ages - but if she gets kicked out will it be dull without her to slap??

    I think it must be a wind up, but a good one. :p
  10. Oh yes!!! Me and Dozy will "look after her". Then throw her in the river.
  11. - Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1837-8, Locksley Hall

    She's an angel with a 'pricey soul'.


  12. I think she was an instructor at 3AEC, Catterick.She taught me to know everything I learned.
  13. I think she's an Israeli ladyboy on the run from conscription and desparate to hook up with just about anyone to avoid deportation and death
  14. i am british thankyou

    Edit from Mod;
  15. You must be a chavette, are you sure your not the 14 yr old that got pregnant, by your dad, and is now sponging off the state??