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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Now this should have probably been placed in the Sports bit, but I thought it might reach a wider audience here. I am on a Yank Motorbike site (Speed TV) And there has been a slight discourse on the World Cup. I thought I would share with you the reason why the USA got gubbed and England won. If anyone works it out, I'd appreciate a debrief..

    "the US got screwed, no doubt about it. to make it past the 16 we've got to beat either #1 or #2. won't happen. netherlands #3 and brasil #1 will be in the final. my money, as always, is on brasil.

    for being ranked #10, england was given a cake walk bracket w/ #16,33 and 47. and moving on to play the winners of 19,26,29 and 39. The US at #5 should have been in that bracket. you be proud while you can, bell. while you'll probably make it further than us, you won't make the final 4.

    you could say the US hasn't earned a soft bracket like england b/c we haven't been involved as long. maybe so. you can't argue, however, that y'all got gifted the first 2 brackets or that the US is the better team this year

    yes, it amazes me too "
  2. The USA are, and always will be, fcuking useless at "soccer".

    The national sports of "baseball, where nothing happens" and "american football" (only a couple of countries play it, and something only ever happens every 30 minutes, with padding ffs) don't endear the country to being a true sporting nation.

    Basically they're making excuses for being useless, for england winning when they didn't exactly perform and a tiny tiny insignificant country like England (and 90% of other world cup nations) being able to wipe the floor with the good old US of A.

    Arrses... Nothing personal of course, but generally they talk more sh*te than even the ITV commentators
  3. It makes sense in a way but then strangely not.

    The author/orator has obviously got in the habit of:

    "If i gob off long enough and hard enough then people will have no choice but to listen and agree"

    Yanks in general i guess
  4. As a general rule, Americans suck at football/soccer. I will freely admit to that. I would avoid arguing with American "sports fanatics", they are known for being a bit obnoxious
  5. Ask for a new key setting!
  6. And what is all that shite about the World Series in baseball, for ferks sake only about 5 countries actually play bloody rounders.
  7. American football: Rugby for the risk averse.

    No offence intended to the sport of Rugby.

  8. See: Hooligan, Football, Milwall FC : 9511-99-7969342

    Your men suck at soccer. Your girlies tend to be pretty good (for girlies) and have done quite well in international competition. Having said that, if the UK's female players looked like yours, we might pay more a bit more attention:


    Two "friends of mine" (to borrow your phrase, Chief) who, until recently, played NCAA Div 1 Soccer. If you're looking at college applications, Chief, and are starting to look at schools, send me a large cheque (check) and I'll tell you where I am.
  9. Au Contraire Mon Frere... Baseball is regulary played in; Cuba, Mexico, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, China(where it is rapidly expanding beyond expectations), Vietnam, Panama, Columbia, Canada, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, The U.S.A. obviously, & is also played in Australia, Italy, Finland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Haiti, Costa Rica to name a few. Now, obviously it is not, nor will ever be as popular as Soccer. But then Baseball fans have never had a war over the GAME, ala; Honduras/El Salvador, nor do you see the levels of violence among Baseball fans like that of Soccer for whatever reasons(Maybe because it's realized to be a game, nothing more.
  10. Quite. Look at the goalkeepers they produce. Tim Howard, Brad Friedel, Kasey Keller. No English clubs would ever buy players like that.
  11. Care to remind us what happened in the first major international baseball tournament (The World Baseball Classic)? :twisted:

    You don't get to Philly very often, do you? :D
  12. Timmy "Fcuk off" Howard- the inspiration for possibly the funniest football chant since Cardiff City's "Do the Ayatollah!"
  13. CJ i think you find that ALL nations have thier obnoxious nationally obsessed "sports fanatics".......................

    .............. christ i hate the footy world cup........ roll on rugby season. :p
  14. Its because its sh*t.
  15. Excellent Comeback, real maturity shown over a game, typical I suppose?