Yanks - ???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BLOODY_TIPRAT, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. When I checked my email today this was the last thing I expected to see.


    I must have upset him or something???
  2. What did you say then? If it wasn't for us he'd be speaking french? :wink:
  3. Now I dont want any of you lot emailing this American friend of ours, ok?!

  4. He does seem a mite testy.

    Saluting: I thought one just did this to those of higher rank in one's own military, an acknowledgement of authourity as it were.
  5. Sounds right to me, what is the probem? :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. Yeah but whilst he is reading his e mails, matbe some british soldiers will be safe from his gun toting mannerisms!!!!!
    Blue on Blue......the official moto of the yanks!!!!
  7. Seems a fair point, having been on US ranges in the 'States, I have to agree. But, I also saw some very good weapon handling. Made me laugh when we were using the '60 and "only trained gunners can get off one or two rounds." Anyone who's used an LMG or a gimpy would have no problem. An MG3 (MG42), would be a different kettle of fish!
  8. Oh dear!
    I seem to have used the incorrect email address whilst joining some "entertainment" sites............. :twisted:
  9. wots his problem? doesn't he know that if it wasn't for this little island of carling supping meatheads the ruskies would have swarmed through europe years ago and onto washington and he would be drinking vodka and be routinely butt f***ed by a really nice man called ivan.mind you with a name like that i bet the yanks are a bit twitcy if he was to board a plane. tosser
  10. Has anyone got a pic of Kenny Everett doing that yank general character? you know, the one where he kept saying 'we'll round 'em up, put 'em in a field and bomb the b*stards'

    Even better would be a vid clip of one of the sketches.

    Could have endless fun baiting them with stuff like that.
  11. That name looks familiar," Abhiram prabhakar" wasn't he the cnut that was playing thae Banjo in Deliverance ?
  12. Some one fancy pointing out to the dum american that his country has never actually won a war on their own. And the war of independance doesnt count, that was us against us in a different country
  13. I think this email may be a wind up and not from an American at all. The title is "It's simple really" this is gramatically correct with the apostrophe in the right place, where as the text of his message is devoid of grammar, very badly written and has many spelling mistakes. Coupled to this the use of the word "twat" - this is not a word Americans usually use. In fact I would say that "twat" is a very British word.

    Seems like someone's fishing for a bite to me!
  14. So what if somebody's fishing, still gives us a good excuse to abuse our allies.

    Story springs back to when i was waiting in a queue at the PX at Doha a young, rather pretty female yank. asked my mate a question.

    "so why do you Brits wear your stripes upside down?"

    Rather quickly my mate replied "Think you're the ones wearing them upside down, we invented them"

    The poor girl looked rather shocked at realising the whole world doesn't rotate around her wonderful country.