Yanks - " We wont be releasing female prisoners...&quo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. Yeah thanks for that one Uncle Sam.

    Good of you to bring Kenneth Bigley one step closer to his makers.

  2. bravo_bravo, are you advocating that the US bow to the demands of these animals so a British citizen MAY NOT be tortured and killed? :roll:
  3. Right on BB. Loads has been written on the pros and cons of "bowing" to terrorists. However, with selective media reporting, this could well create more public criticism of the yanks from this side of the pond = more pressure on Bliar to tell Dubbya where to go. Not that he will though..
  4. The Phillippinos did.

    And their bloke lived to tell the tale.

    However, would it really make any difference to these savages if the women prisoners were released? I doubt it. They already have their next move planned regardless.

    Not advocating giving in to them...just sad that the situation looks hopeless.
  5. As hard as it is I think they are making the right decision not to give in, I think in the future lives may be saved by this BUT I wouldn't like to be the one to make such a decision.
  6. What ever the UK and US say in public, clearly lots is going on behind the scenes. This is where Ken Bigley's brother has been naive and foolish. Going public and ranting on isn't going to do much good and only makes the position more difficult for Blair. Whether these prisoners are released or not, hostage taking will continue particulary in the light of this episode as it has turned it into a polictical storm. This is exactly what the terrorists want to achieve and at the moment they are doing well. Look at Spain, terrorists changed the course of an election. They now believe that their efforts can seriously effect domestic UK politics and many people are simply playing into their hands.
  7. You fecking tosser. What, in your well informed opinion, should we do?

    I'm glad to see the majority around here don't have their heads up their arse and can think clearly.

    Fecking ponce.
  8. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I hate to say it because of the pain that it would cause Mr Bigleys family, but the moment he was taken I considered him to be a dead man walking. The only acceptable outcome to this whole mess is to arrest the hostage takers and leave them to rot/die in an iraqi prison before they exectue Mr Bigley.

    My thoughts go out to the family.
  9. I do find these type of things abhorrent and send my sympathy to the families.

    But do you really think any terrorist is going to broadcast these captured people and then let them go anyway? they IMHO just use these videos for nothing more than shock value. "look at us,we take on the powers" type thing. i doubt they actually think for one second their demands will be met by most of the coalition that is left in Iraq.

    if they are so against everyone in their country why don't we just grant them that, then and just leave?. was it not on the same vein as Suez and Aden we were not wanted so left?..
  10. By releasing any prisoners, pulling out of areas etc etc we do exactly what the terrorists want. Spain and the Philipines rolled over and showed that they were weak and were easilly bullied. If either of these states had of stood their ground terrorist organisations would think twice about kidnappings as they would achieve nothing.

    If you allow youself to be bullied YOU ARE WEAK and all that happens is more kidnappings not less. In this situation what is again disturbing is the press coverage. The UK nationals are almost calling for consessions to free this guy. While it must be a terrible time for his family the only way to prevent this happening to annother family is to show strength, one of the few things arabs respect.

    Thanks to the "right on" world we live in making the right choice no matter how hard, is clouded by sentiment not reality. Tough choice but better one dies than a never ending cycle of kidnappings. This sounds terrible I know but it is the ONLY option.

    Thanks to the downright cowardice and naivevity of Spain (trouble fighting sleep let alone a war) and the Philipines the west is to a certain extent quite rightly seen as weak and scared by its extremeist enemys.

    I would not expect the press to have the interests of the state or potential hostages familys in mind but a snappy emotional headline. Their cowardice and naiveity is equal only to our current batch of toad-like politicos (all partys) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. How about.. shut the fcuk up?

    The Iraqis had said that a release was imminent. I think that even you can realise that this is a Good Sign. The US State Department (?) then chimed in saying "pants" - wtf do demands made to the UK have to do with them? We aint yet a United State, just your staunchest ally, despite cretinous and unwanted outbursts.

    Finally, don't EVER lecture a Brit about terrorism.

  12. The US has no connection with the remaining, British, hostage. The two US citizens have been murdered and so are no longer a negotiating pawn. I hope that they murderering scum get tracked down and killed slowly, by themselves and in pain with the knowledge that they are going to die.

    Least said, soonest mended. The US had no business commenting ref the British hostage.
  13. The only connection being that they are holding the Iraqi scientists. Who ever said that that they were going to release her screwed up and made the situation worse.

  14. And drove a big truck through the much vaunted Iraqi Independance...
  15. What this has shown (to me) is that the Iraqi government has no power of its own. A Iraqi minister says 'yeah both women are being released' then the USA says no way..........

    Puppets and strings people...............puppets and strings..............

    Oh yeah, the FBI stopping Cat Stevens going to the USA was disgusting - what a load of filthy nazi biggots. They remind me of Hitlers brown shirts....