Yanks uncover 3 generations of walts!

Great website ! I liked the " ISAF Drops Candy To Afghan Children, Kills 51" article

“The worst were the peanut M&Ms. The soft chocolate acted as a sabot around the peanuts, so basically these things were candy-coated penetrator rounds.”


Seems the Seal team who did the rescue were unimpressed.... How odd

“These shit-brained keyboard commandos think it’s really cool and bad-ass to act like special operations forces,” said Chief John, “They don’t seem to be down with ******* reality where terrorists are actively trying to carry out reprisals against us.”

What gets me is even the most stupid story has somebody commenting thinking its real :)
i mean honestly thats Ukip Mep level of stupid.
But still an outstanding find - thanks to AF for putting it on here. The advice is sage:

"According to Jakeman, the biggest trick is to not think big"

I thought I'd been outed as I've been quoted on Aarse as admitting the only shot I've fired in anger was the one after I'd realised I'd forgotten my ear defenders.

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