Yanks to adopt naked roll-mat fighting

Discussion in 'US' started by codbutt, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. US army told to shape up – by duelling with pugil sticks

    guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 17 March 2010 19.53 GMT

    US soldiers in Afghanistan, where they will soon be joined by 30,000 additional troops

    Military chiefs say the US army's 30-year-old training regime is becoming obsolete. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images

    The asymmetric reality of 21st-century warfare has taught the US military much over the last decade.

    It has taught them that their enemies are relentless, technologically advanced and often invisible – and that hardware and superior numbers are no longer the guarantees they once were.

    Unfortunately, it has also taught them that some of their recruits are too fat and not much good in a fight, and that a lot of their 30-year-old physical training regime is in danger of becoming obsolete.

    However, the top brass has listened to Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans and is now switching the fitness focus from five-mile runs and bayonet drills to zigzag sprints and agility exercises. Battlefield sergeants believe recruits should also learn how to dodge across alleys and pull a comrade from a burning vehicle.

    The new drills are also designed to educate those whose only experience of combat has been gleaned from playing computer games.

    "Most of these soldiers have never been in a fistfight or any kind of a physical confrontation," said trainer Captain Scott Sewell at the army's fitness school in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. "They are stunned when they get smacked in the face. We are trying to get them to act, to think like warriors."

    To that end, Sewell and his colleagues spend hours urging trainees to duel with pugil sticks until one is knocked over.
  2. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What's wrong with milling?
  3. Thats pretty odd, how do you get to 18-20 without ever being in a fight? Maybe I was just a thug when i was young!
  4. Most 18 year old Yanks may never of been in a fist fight but by that age they've normally survived a couple of school shootings and "drive by's"........if TV is to be beleived.
  5. Only people that live in the ghetto.
  6. I don't think Columbine was in a ghetto.
  7. When were they ever guarantees?
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The septics have been particularly good of late in terms of getting the idea of new forms of combat training, as well as changing their policies - the Iraqi surge being one of them. British COIN methods taken to a whole new level.

    As for most of them never having been in a punch-up . . . . fcuk me, what gives?!?!
  9. I read somewhere that the vast majority of men had never been involved in a fight since junior school.

    I went to a rough school in the NE and although there where fights, they where rare and rarely involved really serious violence

    I never saw much fighting at the school i went to, i have never really been in a fight since i was 20-21 yr old. Not because i am scared of fighting, but i would rather avoid it, 1. cause of the trouble it will cause, win or lose, 2. because i don't like fighting, if i have to fight i will make sure the bloke stays down, hence the use of extreme violence and more serious trouble, 3, its actually embarrassing as a grown man to brawl in public.

    I think alot of men talk a good fight but without the influence of liquid courage most people don't want to get into fisty cuffs with each other, just like in the animal world we tend to intimidate others into believing we are harder than them, or we have more friends backing us up.

    No doubt we will now have a massive amount of posters on here giving it big licks about their fighting prowess.

    This doesn't include the fighting in Iraq or Afghan, that is different.given the legal right to kill someone in a them or us situation, no holds bared as far as i am concerned.
  10. Guarantees of unnecessary civilian/friendly casualties and infradestruction?
  11. True, auscam, but not the guarantees that were implied 8)
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  13. I thought the septics were fairly progressive with regards to pt?
    I was told be a pti that they use cross-fit (I think) which is far in advance of our useless PFTs (when are you going to need to run 2.4km in 10mins 30 secs in shorts, trainers and t shirt carrying no weight? Never.)

    Agreed with rugby being the answer though.
  14. I thought USMC used pugil stick fighting for decades?
  15. Pugil Stick fighting when Bayonet training is being phased out? Ok.....

    Combatives is now phased into all schools and courses. As to actual fights, yeah I would say 2 out of every 9 may have semi-regularly in a fistfight since High School. I was standing in line for Beer talking to a mate and some Tuskeegee Airmen who were at our welcome home ceremony, heard a noise. Turned to find another Friend "Dude" had knocked a FNG flat out with one punch for making a comment he didnt like. Only fist fight I had seen in 2 years.