Yanks threaten Gourock to Kilgreggan ferry.


You really couldn't make it up:

A passenger ferry on the River Clyde was unwittingly caught up in an international war exercise.
Operation Neptune Warrior, a training exercise for Nato warships, is taking place off the west coast of Scotland.
A threat by the US Navy to fire on unidentified ships was transmitted to the Kilcreggan to Gourock ferry as it crossed a warship's path.
A spokesman for HM Naval Base Clyde said the ferry was in no danger and an investigation is under way.
At worst it was over exuberance. Were they going to shoot? I doubt it very muchsaid Neil Smith of HM Naval Base Clyde
The MV Kenilworth was making its regular 10-minute crossing at about 0940 BST on Monday when the incident happened.
The US warship was leaving Faslane naval base for the two-week exercise.
It is understood it mistakenly broadcast a warning on VHF Channel 16, the international calling and distress frequency, instead of on an exercise frequency.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "The communication was overheard by other vessels.
"The challenge was directed to other ships in the exercise and there was no threat to anybody.
"The ferry was in no danger."
Ship captains and crews must pass Operation Neptune Warrior to fight as part of a flotilla.
It simulates terrorist attacks, with marines acting as bombers.
Neil Smith, director of communications at HM Naval Base Clyde, said there appeared to be a breakdown in communication.
"It is the subject of an investigation. At worst it was over exuberance. Were they going to shoot? I doubt it very much," he said.
"We take this very seriously, we will be learning lessons from this. Clearly, this isn't good."
He said local water users have been told of the operation.
Ferry owners Clyde Marine Services made no comment.


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