Yanks sell stealth ship

If it's that stealthy, how come they got a picture of it, eh?
A tenner, half a pack of blue Extra and a Snickers. Bags first go.
We've had stealth ships for years, it's nothing new!

They're called submarines.
Stealth? Path! We have lots of stealth vehicles round my way, we call them 'Police Cars', their stealth is so good you never see them.
Stealth ship for sale eh? That's the lone P2000 defending the Thames during the olympics stuffed then.


There's a video here:

Looks a bit like a Mk2 version of an earlier version which they had in the 1860's ....
CW 1.jpg

Take away the funnels , masts , flags , bunting , rails , gun ports and bingo virtually the same design for a stealth vessel .
They have been trying to flog that thing since 2006. No takers.

Obvious why:

"Sea Shadow has 12 bunks, one small microwave oven, a refrigerator and table."

No Jacuzzi? Well sod that
I wonder how many drugs cartels have set up eBay accounts all of a sudden?

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