Yanks sell Killer Bling

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hellmans, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Not satisfied with Cold War bling medals or 'I was stationed in nightmare Germany' Bling, the Yanks have surpassed themselves with a new Bling Medal, guaranteed to add credibility to any Walt!

    The 'I've Killed in Combat Medal'


  2. I think its only fair to point out it is not an issue medal!
  3. The ACC (mottto kill a man with one chop) association shop has been selling these for years. :lol:
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've got a big box full of unissued US medals, from the Purple Heart set to, well, highest decorations kind of thing, but I can't seem to get the drawl right when I'm chucking it as a US vet. Can't sell the damned things either.
  5. Really, glad you pointed that out :slow:
  6. I felt obliged to before someone fired up the outrage bus!
  7. This has got to be a piss-take, surely? I karn bleeve anybody would seriously want to wear one.

  8. I know, it's a disgrace, think about those people that had all their family topped...
  9. I have one with 36 bars on it next to my Battle of Jubilee medal. Why whats your problem?
  10. For want of acceptance, you seem to have stumbled into a sort of trap there, GrizzyPanda. But crack on, "mo chara"! :p

  11. I have the Burma Star, ISAF medal and now this. In what order do I need to mount them?
  12. What were you looking for when you came across this then MM? ;)
  13. dear god the only possible reason for owning one would be the ultimate way to wind PC types up :twisted: .
    unfortunately that's so badly done you'd just look like a mong :(

    now if there was a semi tasteful badge might be worth it just to annoy certain people :evil:
  14. It was included amongst spam emails for Viagra, increasing girth and winning $45,000,000 in the Nigerian Lottery!

    Entitled 'Killer Medal For Sale' it attracted only slightly more interest than the Viagra. Now I must get off, need to transfer £5000 to collect my winnings!

  15. I'll go halves with yer!