Yank's question about the IRA's London Bombings in the 1990's

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by warmonger82, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. I've got a sensitive topic here guys, so please don't bite my fecking head off, OK?

    I've been reading this man's, Gary Breecher, blog the "War Nerd" for sometime now and I have found his insights on the PIRA to be fascinating. Namely the London campaign avoidance of civilian death tolls and rather seeking maximum property damage and interruption of government services.

    Here's the link WN 38 IRA vs. Al Qaeda: I Was Wrong - By Gary Brecher - The eXiled

    What are your thoughts on the the London Bombing Campaign? Was the PIRA actually waging a "nerf war" as the War Nerd supposes, and how effective was it? Finally, how do you feel the Boyos compare to their Protestant opposite numbers in the Emerald Toilet, and how do they compare to the Iraqis and Afghans, in terms of competence, operational and intelligence security, and courage.

    As always, thanks for your time and insights guys.
  2. the IRA and other groups were, are and will always be fisters
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  3. Just read the article, what a load of total shite, go away and read some more objective stuff instead. SAS teaching the Butchers ,someone is posting their republican wet dreams.
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I'll do me best.

    Yeah, total heroes of Soviet Labour they were. A proper Hearts and Minds campaign, no error. Do a Google on Knightsbridge. See if you can find the name of the guy who was cut clean in half. Extra points if you get the name of his sister? Oh, yeah. Some windows got broken and Hyde Park Hotel had to cancel a buffet. Proper fucked up Government services that did. The Regents Park one made a right mess of the grass. Six soldiers dead and 30 people injured but it took 12 Council workers 3 days to sort the damage to Government grass. The UK almost came to its knees and surrendered.

    Whats a Nerf War then? Is it on World of Warcraft? What do you weigh stark naked?
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  5. Wot he said.
  6. It's pretty obvious you didn't live in N.I.,serve here or in any part of the U.K.
    I'm NOT appoligising for the Shankill butchers,but not all their victims were catholic.
    They are all murderers whatever side they claim to be from,off,and if you were up to date you'd know to quote Adams "they haven't gone away"(pira) that is.
  7. Duke,

    In one of his earlier posts Brecher talks about the the evolution of the IRA's bombings, particularly the Hyde Park bombing that blew up all the horses, and he goes into how the IRA realized it generated bad publicity. Its his point that during the 1990's the PIRA learned its lessons and would then call ahead to announce the bombing to the public. Can you name any mass casualty bombings during the 1990's?

    In answer to your question to me I weigh 175 lbs and stand 5'11" (not really sure why you wanted to know, but ok...)
  8. I hate ***** like this article editor with a ******* passion I would personnaly like to remove his ******* head with chicken wire.

    Its quite obvious from the rhetoric he is pro IRA but he understands **** all about the NI situation so his comments are null and pointless.

    The IRA fucked up massivly by steadily reducing their support base. The bombings on Brimnigham Manchester and London isolated them from the Irish communities in the area so in fact the IRA harmed themselves more. and then there were the tortures, kneecapping and deaths they conducted on their own community in a vain attempt to police them. The result is the IRA's support base is tiny consisting of nieve teenagers and stupid retarded thick ***** from overseas like this writer who have never been or understand the impact of the troubles yet continue to dribble in support of the IRA from thousands of miles away.

    The IRA used torture and they executed protestant civilians and catholics to, They brought terror not only on their own communities but on Irish communities elesewhere. They are not to be lauded but wiped from the face of the planet.

    This **** says they won? last time I checked it was the Union flag which flew over Stourmount hmm I must be confused

    By the way my family is Irish and Catholic before you ask.
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  9. Omagh, Saturday 15 August 1998
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  10. You are having a ******* joke aren't you? You honestly believe that a decades long period of murders carried out by terrorists can be compared to a ******* game played with foam darts!
  11. Just read the wikipedia article on the attack. The article mentioned a splinter group, the "real" IRA, I've heard of them before who are the in relation to the Provos?
  12. The "real" IRA were those Provo's who didn't and still don't believe in the Peace Process.
  13. Yes, the horses. Of course don't worry about the 3 servicemen killed instantly and another who would die of his wounds, nor the injuries amongst civilians and other servicemen.
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  14. Looks like somebody has OD'ed on the Guinness.
  15. You honestly believe that a decades long period of murders carried out by terrorists can be compared to a ******* game played with foam darts!

    Well, the article focuses on the London campaign of the 1990's. It does seem that if the Provos wanted to they could have killed hundreds by simply not phoning in the attacks ahead of time.