Yanks Occupy Wall Street

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dashing_Chap, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. America awakes but it is not covered on MSNBC or CBS. There was a report on FOX but it was dismissive. The crowds have occupied the block around the Stock Exchange for all of last weekend through Monday and this weekend around the clock. Both Yahoo and Youtube saw a stall in updating videos and e-mails over the last weekend. Looks like a news black out from most of the mainstream channels to try and play down the event.


    Personally I think this is excellent news and they have my full support. I don't generally like crusties and student protesters but this time they're protesting about something worthwhile - the overpaid cretins who've****ed the world economy and get to retire on fat, million dollar pensions. I hope someone gets hold of Geraint Anderson AKA City Boy and smashes his weasel face in with a manhole cover.

    I seriously look forward to something like this happening in the UK, provided it's in the financial area like Canary Wharf and the Gherkin etc. We don't really need a bunch of unwashed around Whitehall as this government aren't necessarily to blame. I've always wondered why the protesters never attacked the financial district, but then I spose most of the shaved headed, lesbian militants are a bit thick.

    It'll be interesting to see if there are any new laws passed to update the constitution/banking laws etc.

  2. I don't understand the purpose of direct action in a democracy. VOTE FOR SOMEBODY BETTER.
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  3. Crusties should be set on fire.

  4. The problem with Democracy is that spackers also get the vote. People are more likely to vote for someone who will give them cheap oil and less tax than deal with the financial crisis.

    I hate crusties too, but I really, really hate overpaid brokers and the fat ******* on £650,000 pensions for ruining the country. Soldiers come back from AFG with no arms and legs and get bugger all. Where's the justice?
  5. It's covered daily in NY by CBS, NBC, Fox5, ABC, WOR . Jus usual bunch of rich kiddies trying to be Che and later trying to get jobs as Lawyers and Investment firms
  6. I have to say that this pic warmed the cockles of my heart, as the ladies in question had just been pepper sprayed.


    And I agree wholeheartedly with your post.
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  7. outstanding!
  8. Someone should tell them Milk is better than designer water for flushing the eyes

  9. Not bad looking birds though comapred with the usual crusty harridans who go on such demmos.
  10. Typical front-bums! Don't get what they want and they turn on the ****ing tears.
  11. Semen works even better and they won't see you coming.
  12. Standards man, Standards. Which one do you fancy, the bird with Tats and Fried Egg Tits, the fat Ginger, the one with the Tatchell Satchel with badly dyed hair or the woman in Black who hasn't washed her hair since the fall of the Berlin wall to show solidarity with the Socialist peoples of the world?

    I saw this, how many turned up - a hundred tops?
  13. I'm amazed that, in years and years and years of protesting, it's never ocurred to a protestor to dress smartly. Then again, the guy in the video wasn't exactly of the highest calibre. His argument was something along the lines of "our point is that the political system and the finance is system is just like... err... totally corrupt, you know..."

    Top tip: If you want your opinions on finance and politics to be take seriously, don't wear your baseball cap backwards.