Yanks new 120mm round

Only the spams could come up with that???????????

I remember the old 76 canister and what a mess that made!!!!!!!!
The_Cat_in_the_Hat said:
I remember the old 76 canister and what a mess that made!!!!!!!!
Hence we will never get the 120 version, even if we go to smooth bore.
tangosix said:

they also have a new High Explosive Plastic (H.E.P.=H.E.S.H.) round for the 105mm (basically the Centurion's old L7) Striker Mobile Gun System.
It can be seen on this video at 1.55:


HESH dear boy, HESH, we are British don't you know. Now lets not slip into that colonial gutter speak again. :D
I notice in one of the articles that it says this is the world's largest shotgun shell. I doubt that very much.

For instance the 152mm flechette round that the M-551 Sheridan fired. Number of flechettes was in the thousands. I saw one fired at a mound once. Coverage was very good.

Always wish that I'd had a chance to fire a 105mm 'Beehive Time' round. The loader, in between doing other things, set the fuse on the nose to the bursting range. Supposedly, when the round got to that range it burst and released it's load of thousands of flechettes. Right.

BTW, no problem admitting that the M68 105mm Gun/Cannon was a very thinly disguised L7, but was the M-68A1 the same as the L7A1? Now there is some trivia for you.

I'm thinking about changing my user name to "Bloody Colonial". Would that offend anyone?
Looks like my earlier thread about canister was early, if this is only just hitting the media. Probability of adoption by UK forces is still - I imagine - very low indeed. Vanishingly so.


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why? do we consider it bad form?

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