Yanks, Israelis, Nazis -Are they any different ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Serious question - Are the above 3 actually all the same thing ?

    They are all FAR right and share the same views -so tell me HOW are they different ?
  2. Fcuk off elsewhere with your shite.

    Heard of the name of the new Lebanese pop group?

    New Block on the Kids.
  3. No,only one has invaded Russia.
  4. IT is a serious question you fcuking numb nuts - I am not an Arab lover.
    I have American friends and my great grandfather was Jewish so fcuk you !
  5. 'new block on the kids' - love it - on ya guru!
  6. BBM,its only a serious question for you,surprised anyone could contemplate such drivel.
  7. No no no i really really really am quite interested please bondi do go on..................................sorry I drifted of did you say something else really interesting, no?

    I mean come on what sort of twatt would say the Jews were the same as the Nazis, what the feck was the Genocide in WW2 a own goal, nutter.
  8. Then post it somewhere serious. I couldn't give a fcuk about your parentage, which is obviously dubious, and whether you have fat friends. BTW if you are in Bondi, it is a shitehole, full of Kiwis. And show us a pic of yourself and we, the great and the good (and the wnakers come to think of it) will decide if you are a "babe magnet". I suspect you will be more of a "mong magnet"
  9. Well you all fell for that one hook line and sinker :lol:

    This is the NAAFI bar after all. :D

    AS if you think i would believe that shit !

    WHA :joker:

    GOTCHA ! Some of you bit well

  10. My fcukin arrse. Backtracking aren't we you troll?

  11. You bit the best -think what you like it kept me amused for 5 minutes.

  12. It would've been believable had you not thrown the dummy out the pram in a previous post

    BTW - great joke guru.

    A bit of an oldie but:
    What does an Isreali gunner feel when he fires a shell into a civvie building?
  13. The Guru Wtore:
    BTW if you are in Bondi, it is a shitehole, full of Kiwis.

    Hey whats wrong with Kiwis??? 8O
  14. What's wrong with Kiwi's?
  15. No London actually but still full of Kiwi's - :lol: