Yanks in Helmand, good perspective

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dave8307, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. This is one for Mr Brownstaininhispants to read.
  2. ...... but nobody else, it would appear!
  3. Makes a change to hear something positive.
    If only we had the appreciation from our Government that the Americans do, that and the budget.

    I'm glad that the Americans respect us after all the claims that we didn't pull our weight in Iraq.
  4. "They were easy to talk to. I didn't expect that," said [US Marine] Sergeant Andre Livsey, 22, from Massachusetts. "We always think the British have higher standards, would think of us as a little immature. But we found out they are just like us."

    I know that hurt! :D
  5. The troops at grass roots level probably haven't doubted us since WW2 thanks to closer working relations, joint exercises and the "Special Relationship" mentality. Howerer politicians and senior command figures play by their own rules and one of the current themes is to belittle and criticise the other side in order to hide our own short comings.

    My experience of working with yanks is generally positive. They're polite, hardworking and disciplined. They can sometimes be a little officious particularly their NCO class but the same could be said for alot of ours these days.

    An interesting report no less.
  6. Good article, always nice to hear another countries forces views about our 'badass troops'. I hope that this, and other articles that have surfaced recently, are not only a flash in the pan when it comes to highlighting the disadvantage to which everyone on HERRICK seems to be working when compared to the Yanks.
  7. I never thought i'd ever see such a insightful article in the Independent . Thanks for posting
  8. Please, please don't think I buy this "newspaper", I've got to keep my street cred, but I have sufficient time on my hands to trawl through the on-line ones and compare stories.

    This story, however, didn't appear anywhere else so I thought I was justified in posting it on here :)