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other nations armed forces never seem to garner much press even in bitter fighting,not to pull up a sandbag or anything but the Canadians were having a hideous time in 2006 lost alot of blokes and ended up going out on the ground for up to 2months at any-one time as it was just too dangerous entering kandahar alot, they had it ten times worse then us and yet was never heard about in the UK 8O
bobath said:

We don't hear much about the US in Afghanistan at the mo, what with our boys being so busy. This article, although it is about a picture, was something of an eye-opener to me.

The US media covers Iraq a lot, but it sounds like they are doing some pretty heavy fighting out there.
Any chance of a cut n' paste of this story?

Picture power: Tim Hetherington
British photographer Tim Hetherington talks about his photograph of a US soldier in Afghanistan which has won the 2007 World Press Photo Award.
The picture shows an American soldier in a bunker in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley during fierce fighting with the Taleban.

An exhausted American soldier in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley

Enlarge Image
I was working with the writer Sebastian Junger on assignment for Vanity Fair on a year-long project with Battle Company of the US 503rd Airborne Battalion.
We were based in Korengal Valley in Afghanistan's Kunar province, towards the border with Pakistan.

The area is considered to be the epicentre of the US forces fighting in Afghanistan and one of the most deadly. A place where the combat is often at close quarters.

The platoon was based at a rocky outpost called Restrepo, named after a US medic who had died. The fighting in this region is pretty intense, I was quite surprised.



Awesome post, cheers. Despite most of the yank army being mouthy gits, some of them do grit their teeth and do the job. Still overreliant on Apaches but what the hell.
The son of a neighbor and long time friend recently returned from Afghanistan and is now out of US Army and a university student. I asked him if fellow students ask him about serving and he said the one comment that drives him nuts is when he tells people he was in Afghanistan and the respone is: "Well thank God you didn't have to go to Iraq. I here it's awful there." This is probably due to the news media over here giving about 20 times as much coverage to Iraq as it does to Afghanistan.
Though perhaps controversial i would say that Afghanistan in the southern provinces (cut the country in half and anything in the lower areas) is full blown counter insurgency warfare fighting an enemy that blends into the environment and populus,using infantry tactics and in many cases resorting to conventional warfare (section/platoon/company attacks) to achieve success, fighting a similar war to the Russians but trying to avoid the mistakes that were made.
Iraq I believe for the British as cant comment for other nations is a counter terrorist war similar but more violent in cases and harder to control then NI, however there has been a need to break into conventional tactics in this theatre as well so all together both very difficult but from a personal point of view Afghanistan is more a soldiers war if that makes sense and I believe worth fighting(especially if we could be given the correct supplies/equipment/vehicles etc etc to do it) .
bobath - one of the reasons why there is little coverage of US ops in the 'Stan is because most of them are in Pakistan and we're not allowed to report that.

Things may change after the 'election'.
Actually although im sure some tier1 SF actions occur over the border (though there is nothing to indicate this apart from rumour) most American ODA operations occur within Afghanistan and several in Helmand province, other then that their troops are used in similar operations to ours.
King_of_the_Burpas said:
bobath - one of the reasons why there is little coverage of US ops in the 'Stan is because most of them are in Pakistan and we're not allowed to report that.

Things may change after the 'election'.
I'm sure that the reason we hear so little about the allies in Afghan is due to the fact that our troops are doing so much hard fighting out there the Brit media feel that is were the story is. Unlike Iraq were our sector is relatively quite.

It was just an intersting article, with some good pics.
Both the article and the video are riveting stuff. Thanks.

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