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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by conco, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. The yanks are putting a picture of "the world has ended in Basra". If they could have a dialouge with the locals instead of killing them like us, they to may be able to hand back power to the people and get out. Shoot first and maybe shoot again if they dont stop moving! Did you hear GB say that he was to bring them home when it was safe??????? Get out now idiot!
    We have handed over up till the other day 3 areas of the country to the ISF, who arnt doing a bad job (ish). We have now handed over the city back to the government! 4 years ago we said that was what we would do after we trained them and supplied them kit we would gracefully fcuk off out of this place and leave them to it.
    The yanks seem to forget the british armed forces, thats all 3 services are smaller than the their army! including manning and kit accross all 4 of their services we may number about 20% of thier size. oh and we dont have half the kit they do!!! thats why we keep steeling it from them when they aint looking :)
    We are in 2 countries because of those idiots and that is about 25% of our fighting forces!!!!!! is it any wonder why the ladds are piesed off with everything!
    Lets pack our bags and leave them to it!
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  3. Even if our forces are spread oven a vast area of the world and is only 20-25% the size of the yanks forces, they cann't shoot for s**t. they've hit more of us than of the Irquie bombers and if thier forces are so big why do they need our help? i know! we can shoot and yet again it comes down once again to polotics, how boaring :sleepy:
  4. 8) Because Moqtada-at Sardr. runs the place. and Iran supports him, the Shia now have won the battle against the British so they have been told,they now are rearming, retraining and own the police. Soon they will own the Basra oil or Iran will , Russia will supply all the weapons via Iran, Iran is giving loads of cash to the Shia, Russia will get the oil, oil prices will rise, so will your petrol in the U.K. The U.S. cannot afford to get locked in Basra they would loose. G.W.Bush is now trying to cut his troop numbers in Iraq , he just flew in to Iraq with 3 747s 200camp followers even cooks and arse wipers, could not do this one week ago, only because Moqtada-al-Sadr called a six months cease fire(collusion?)to get the Shia to stop fighting each other not just the British, civil war on the horizon? Sunni now coming to join the Iraq govt and now turning on Bin Liners followers.The corrupption in Basra is rife, women, doctors anyone with a brain has to conform to the Shia imposed thinking. If the U.S. send in troops they will get it in the neck in the U.S. as Iraq is now the flavour of the week,G.W. is on a spin to the U.S. people. he has just landed in Sydney with a retinue of 675 camp follows including 5 cooks, Basra for the Shia, 360 degree turn around from Saddam one big bloody mess by G.W.Bush and tribe 8)
  5. Couldnt have said it better than NODE!!!!! :)
  6. Fcuk me it must have looked like a gay pride parade coming off of the plane. :wink:
  7. : :D He had three 747s, Number one AIRFORCE ONE, number two BACKUP FOR AIRFORCE ONE, number three has the cooks, arse wipers, press, goodies. food, water, booze, maybe a poofter Senator or two, village people? so you may be right"Bullet Sponge"now its Sydney with a retinue of over 600, few poofters there :D WHAT A SHOW :D
  8. It's incorrect to say that we are in Afghanistan or Iraq because of the US - our great leader Tony Blair actually had rather a large hand in helping Bush convince the US that the two wars were the right thing to do, and it was Blair who lead us into the wars, not Bush.

    So the British government is as much to blame as the US for getting into the wars. Still, doesn't help that the US are so very keen to knock us (the Brits). After all, we're pretty much the only serious country on their side, as it were.
  9. 8) I got the numbers wrong Bush will have over 1,000 ONE THOUSAND followers and armoured cars, must be scared, in Australia Sydney, the cooks will be bloody busy, unless Mcdonalds get taken over, cokes all round just got this news hot off the T.V. he has nearly one FIFTH of the BRITISH ARMY numbers that were in the Basra area, what a typical circus. :D
  10. :D I notice great leader T Bliar is not getting things going his way in Middle East, has just moved into his hotel, locals politicians not coming to the party will need lots of slosh money to get them in his pocket, hope he learns money runs the world he will soon will :D
  11. Oh well, I tried to drag this down to NAAFI level but it appears that it is destined to be a political thread. :(