Yanks and Frogs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tankiebootneckdad, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Here's a conondrum!
    The general opinions, voiced by members, of our American and French cousins, and their effectiveness in a military capacity, is well known.

    I would be curious to know what their opinion is of the British serviceman.

    Now that should open a few flood gates especially if the Yanks and Frogs write in person.
  2. Search for the "What have the Frogs/Septics ever done for us?" All your questions will be answered.I seem to remember the Jocks and Taffs getting a shoeing in there as well.
  3. Is that a thread? If so, where is it?
  4. It's called a search button.
  5. I was Impressed by the British Troops I encountered during my 27 years in Service, if thats what your asking.

    A Company of the RIR? TA visited in 2002, 2003? at Cp. Smith, NY while I was on duty at USMA West Point. While they were there, the CSM of the 69th decided to take them to pubs in Manhattan. Well the CSM didnt understand that Rocky Sullivans was a "Ra" Bar. It didnt go over well, so after that they retired to the Father Duffy room at Lexington Armory where a RIR Cpl. proceeded to beat the CSM with a Chair during a Fistfight

    Quite amusing, as most of us were cheering on the Cpl.

    Had a Major from the TA tag along in 1992 at Ft. Dix Observing our lanes training, and then interviewed us. Couldnt tell you the unit, remember he wore a Brownish looking beret, not Tan

    First time was Ex. Lionheart ?(1984) during Reforger 84, then Northern Viking 97, 99 in Iceland (though I believe they were RAF).

    I watched a "SAS" raid go in one night while babysitting a VBIED in Baghdad in 2005. And saw them now and again while with CJ-SOTF.

    My Last unit had a Perpetual British Lieutenant with us on Drills "Sparrow-Cock"(Not real name, but similarly hyphenated) was an interesting character to say the least. He basically ran the OPFOR elements during a week of MOUT at Ft. Pickett, Va.

    During the Pissup BBQ that weekend he charged at an American Platoon Leader 2lt while drunk and went face first down the Barrack Steps. He took a dislike to the Lt. because he was of Bangladeshi extraction. They were calling each other Wog & Limey Twat for some time, generally strutting like roosters.

    It was like watching a Matador as the PL deftly stepped aside from the flying tackle and the Leftenant bounced down the staircase.

    All in all still a good man, and the PL didnt take it personally.