Yanks again

What is the point of it having a lid FFS?!
Andyroo said:
What is the point of it having a lid FFS?!

Well when your driving down the road you dont want it jiggling out :eek: :eek:

Just goes to show you, I havent lived at all.
This product is society changing, no more dumps in the woods just sit on your tow bar :eek:

Does anyone find it weird that all American websites show a waving flag, and have
'God Bless America' all over it :eek: :eek:
An email in the 'Comments and Testimonials' page....
<< Dear Uncle Booger,

I want to let you and your readers know of my experience with your Bumper Dumper. My cousin, Cletus, and I went possum hunting last fall up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. How 2 guys could be so lucky, I don't know; our little ladies did not even ask when we would be back. Well, anyway, we stopped for breakfast in Island Pond and had
their Possum Special: 3 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and all the coffee you could drink. We then left for the East Branch of the Nullheghan River in Lewis, Vt. for a day of possum plinking. Well, no sooner had we turned off onto the East Branch then that breakfast was screaming to leave. I hollered at Cletus to stop and ran back to get out the Bumper Dumper. Just in the nick of time I got it hooked up and the bag installed, when the Possum Special made its exit. While I was enjoying the scenery and lingering affects of breakfast, Cletus spotted a possum about 100 yards up the road. Forgetting that I was lounging on the rear of the truck, he took off as fast as he could. The partially filled bag was left behind in the first
fifty feet. I grabbed hold of the bumper with both hands and lifted my feet and hung on. Now let me tell you it was some scary. As you can imagine, my bare ass was only about 12 inches off the ground and some other parts of my anatomy were a lot closer to the road than that. At the speed Cletus was going, dirt and rock were flying and playing dodge ball with my suspended appendages. Cletus skidded to a halt and jumped out and shot and missed the possum. I hollered for him to help me and he then yelled, "Oh, my God, I forgot you were still out there!" "Just barely," I gasped. After some cleanup and delicate first aid we got on our way. Oh, by the way, a roll of toilet paper is 175 feet long.

Might be a wind-up but made me laugh.
...and this one.

The best part of this invention for me is that I dont bother using the bags.
I just sit down and let it fly. The only stuff to com eout of my back
passage is bio-degradable so I figure Im helping the environment as well as
releaving my bowels!

If Im out on trips with my hunting partner Bud, I just ask him to drive
along real slow like while I sit back on the ol "Bumpity Dumpity" and let
fly with nature's own medicine. I nurse my hunting rifle and if I see
something worth shooting, I'll just open fire as we continue on down the
track. And the best thing about this little plan is that I leave behind a
trail for us to find our way out!!

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