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Yank TSA pat down a six year old girl

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by celticguy, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. I see the Transport bods in the USA are overstepping the mark a tad with a "enhanced" pat down of a six year old girl.

    TSA under fire for enhanced patdown of 6-year-old girl -

    Is it just me that thinks that 9/11 was more of a victory than previously reported? i mean, putting aside the death & destruction, here we are 10 years later with governments so paranoid about terrorism that they resort to searching children for fear they are carrying bombs or weapons?
  2. Could of course be one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't arguments.

    I mean, if a terrorist managed to bring down an airliner by concealing a weapon/bomb on a child then everyone would be wondering why the TSA didn't find it...
  3. So you'd be perfectly happy with a complete stranger giving your daughter the rubber glove treatment?
  4. You give them the option to be patted down, and get on the plane. Or you give them the option to drive to their destination.

    Besides......she's cute.
  5. Would you be happy if a complete stranger blew up a plane carrying your daughter because they used their kids to smuggle explosives on to it?
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  6. **** no, I'd rather:

    1) Go somewhere else than the US
    2) Drive there

    But as pointed out, I would also be unhappy about getting killed to death if I did fly, so the TSA can't really win.
  7. What a load of balls. The IRA were a more persistent and deadly problem, and yet none of the invasiveness omnipresent nowadays was used back then.
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  8. You never did Banner did you?
  9. I can remember Green Finches opening babies nappies at the segment gates.
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  10. The IRA normally didn't fly planes into buildings. The IRA normally didn't kill civilians. The IRA normally dialled in warning catch my drift yet?
  11. Not just America! My boy (6yrs) got searched in Flesland, Bergen. I did not like it at all. Senior security type person explained to Mrs Skjold that the detector was also set to sound at random intervals. Had nothing to do with him trying to sneak 4 toy cars through security after I'd told him to leave them at home.


  12. The IRA normally didn't fly planes into buildings. The IRA normally didn't kill civilians. The IRA normally dialled in warning catch my drift yet? The IRA didnt normally kill civilians ?? Just what planet are you on ???
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  13. Should be:

    The IRA mostly killed civilians.
  14. Actually, they didn't. They were actually quite good at avoiding civvys. They killed 1,824 up intil 2001, only 620 were civvys. Not bad odds considering the type of warfare they were waging.
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  15. this is down to two things, the TSA employing people that should be asking "do you want frys" and then putting them into a postion where theres no comeback

    try looking at any US law enforcment forum and you'll find stories of TSA "officers" upto allsorts from the minor things like trying to get out of tickets by claiming to be law enforcment (they have badges with the DHS seal and title officer) to major drug offenses and the like, all the while missing things like septics exporting illegal handguns onto the streets of the UK
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