YANK Split ARRSE - Who removed the Topic & Why

Victorian_Major said:
Cardnal-Ben-Dover said:
Victorian_Major said:
Ethel_the_Aardvark said:
Smacks of unjustified fascist censorship doesn't it?
The rainbow is the new swastika. :D
What you mean like this?

The Rainbow Swastika
That's the one. Why is it strangely apposite?
Because although our bandwagon jumping vicar will automatically assume that its a dig at LGBT persons, its actually part of an article on new age anti semitism hence the link below.
Could it be because it had been done before, there are threads already for internet links and the new rules state something about no porn pics?

apart from all that, no reason....
:? Original Phantom, understand the porn link thing, but the pics that were posted that I saw were of a young US Lady showing her breasts. Look at the Stickies ref NSFW No Gash and rethink the porn reason.

Unless of course you are doing a NAFFI WAH, in which case

TAXI! :oops:
FFBox said:
These photos were all posted years ago in the "women & Guns" thread...........
But, with respect, "years ago" we didnt know that homosexuality existed and believed that all males looked at womens breasts (please note the proper anatomical word usage", but now we all are aware that homosexuals do exist, and they have feelings, show some compassion, I am sure a picture of a pair of testicles would rebalance this somewhat onesided thread

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