YANK Split ARRSE - Who removed the Topic & Why

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Duke_of_Kaos, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. A request for the lovely USAF lady was made, here she is.

    Why the topic was deleted no idea??

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  2. Smacks of unjustified fascist censorship doesn't it?
  3. The rainbow is the new swastika. :D
  4. What you mean like this?


    The Rainbow Swastika
  5. Needs more breasts? :twisted:
  6. That's the one. Why is it strangely apposite?
  7. Because although our bandwagon jumping vicar will automatically assume that its a dig at LGBT persons, its actually part of an article on new age anti semitism hence the link below.
  8. Could it be because it had been done before, there are threads already for internet links and the new rules state something about no porn pics?

    apart from all that, no reason....
  9. Phantom....that picture constitutes porn? God help me then
  10. she'd look a bit odd with more than the standard 2 don't you think?? 8O
  11. Given you an avatar idea have we?
  12. Ah, failing to upload pictures Hate Windows!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. In the flow :D

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  14. Then please dont look through them late at night watching people of various sexes in a state of undress.....pervert :)
  15. Duke - you will surely burn forever in Padre created, Moderator supported Hell.