Yank Rambo Politician...Oops WALT ALERT!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by walkerny, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. yeah but he hasn't been seen wearing ebay medals or a delta force beret ...how disappointing...
  2. still a walt though, may I add...
  3. Seems to be delusional, senior political office in the US often does that to you.

    He also seems to have been rather active on the behalf of Vietnam veterans who have been rather forgiving of the Walt thing. That's not surprising, ducking into a deferment was what most officer class folks did.
  4. It's just a typical politians use of "selective amnesia",let's face it,Tony+Cyclops could teach him a trick or two.Come to think of it so could most of the ex. Liarbore cabinet. :)
  5. How dare you.

    I happen to know that Gordon and Tony served and were stinking, err I mean served with distinction in both Vietnam and the Spanish Civil War.

    During his service in South East Asia, Sgt Tony Blair spent his time as a war movie cliché. One of those entrepreneur NCOs that makes a fortune out of the war while his mates fight and die around him. Just like Telly Savalas as Sgt Guffy in "The Battle of the Bulge" or the bloke running the NAAFI at the Playboy concert in Apocalypse Now. Tony is reported to have bailed out of Vietnam with several gold bars hidden up his arrse just before things got really bad, much as he was to do in Britain 40 years later.

    In 'Nam, Gordon was attached to the 199th Special Needs Forces regiment, motto: "We're as rare as rocking horse sh1t". Rumours that he spent the entire war picking his nose and claiming expenses while sitting in Saigon's only Church of Scotland cathedral are unfounded. He did, in fact, lead his entire platoon up a particularly VC infested swamp known to the yanks as 'Sh1t Creek'. The whole platoon was killed except for Gordon but he successfully blamed the fiasco on Yank friendly fire. It's thought that this experience formed the basis of his administration of the UK economy up until 2010.

    Gordon was invalided out of the forces with a Purple Fart just as things got really bad. His medical records are still sealed but he's thought to have suffered the worst case of nappy rash ever seen by the US Army Medical Corps.

    As we know they both did particularly well in civvy life, particularly Gordon who saved the world some time around 2009.

    The above is an extract from "My Amazing Life" by Gordon Brown, obtained from a manuscript left on a photocopier at the State High Security Mental Hospital in Carstairs.
  6. This weeks walt thread, right on time.