Yank looking to join British Army one day

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Blake1988, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,

    I am currently 21 years old. I understand that you must be a citizen of the UK to join. Does this include Commonwealth nations? Canada? Australia, etc? Could I hypothetically go to Canada, live there for three years, become a Canadian citizen, and then fill out an overseas application for British Army service?

    Reason why I want to join: From all that I have read the British Army has harder training, but at the same time, your standards are lower. Here in the US, the tiniest medical issue can disqualify you from serving. If you tell the doctor you had heartburn once, he diagnoses you right there with acid reflux. If you say you had a headache once, you get diagnosed with recurrent migraines. It's completely ridiculous. Almost everyone has to lie to get in, and as much as I wouldn't mind that, that's not an option if you have medical records that can be looked up by them.

    I browsed the JSP medical standards documents and I would qualify under your standards. There is nothing more that I want than the military lifestyle, and would gladly change countries to obtain it. I also have a great admiration for your country and its culture.

    P.S. One of those horror stories came from a friend who was discharged fraudulently. Would this be an option for him too? Would a negative discharge from the US mil have any impact on joining the British Army? I apologize if this has been addressed but i saw nothing on it in FAQs.
  2. About being a canadian citizen first, i believe that should work. But don't pin your hopes on our medical standards been lower than the American system. With the recession in full swing in the UK the army really are not struggling to get British recruits through there doors. So they can afford to be as picky as they want. I am not an expert but if you have the smallest thing wrong with you it could go against you.

    Although i am not an expert on this i am happy to give you any more advice if you want it.
  3. Before you worry about any medical issues, you need to determine your eligibility to join the British Army, which I think for you as an American citizen is not at all (I believe) as it stands currently. Even if you attain this eligibility, the current recruiting climate is very saturated and waiting times are high, they can afford to be choosy and therefore drop you at any sign of medical problems. Any previous service in other militaries will be questioned and may very well bar entry.

    I've met many a person from all around the world in British Army, but never an American.

    Please note, I am not a recruiter nor an official word on any of these matters.
  4. I humbly suggest you do a bit more reading. Until then I will restrain myself from further comment, especially on the other highlighted items.
  5. Stop sucking up and do more research. And try to be clinical about it. Otherwise, apply to join one of the cavalry regiments, you might get to share a horse with someone.
  6. Erm....aren't you forgetting Para mortars--they are always on the lookout for young fresh talent are they not?

  7. Oh yes, I quite forgot the "maidens of the mortar", good point, well presented, JJH! Take heed young Blake, there/s a wonderful opportunity for you - and the "training" will probably be harder than any that is allowed in the US military.
  8. I apologize for anyone I offended, I should have been a little more specific:

    When I said the 'standards' are lower, I meant that there are things mentioned in the JSP 346 that wouldn't be permissable by US military med standards in a million years. A few examples I noticed was that if someone cuts, you let them in but only if they did it once. If someone has asthma, they only need be without an inhaler for four years. If someone was diagnosed with depression, they only need to be symptom and doctor free for 3 years. These kinds of things would get you turned away in the recruiter's office. Unless that document is wrong?

    Secondly when I said the training is harder I wasn't trying to start a 'my dad can beat up your dad'-esque kind of thing. But it remains a fact that British Army basic training is a longer process than what any of the American services have to offer. My perception or misperception of 'whos got it tougher' isnt the reason why I want to join, I merely pointed that out because I didn't want readers here thinking I was insinuating that because the med standards are lower, British military personnel aren't up to par. I could've come in here just saying 'hi i want to join your medical standards are lower than the US' but I wouldn't want that statement misconstrued to mean something else.

    Also to the Recon Marine, I was only referring to initial training, not specialized MOSes.

    Lastly yeah, the US military tightened up because of the economy too. But I didn't say I was going to start this process tomorrow. I said 'one day' and wanted to get an idea regarding timeframe. I'm not too worried about it this minute, just thought I'd scrounge for info for now though.

    Are there British Army recruiters that frequent this forum? Or other online resources where you can chat with one kind of like at goarmy.com for the US?

  9. Just kidding with you. I wish you luck in achieving your goals.
  10. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Look here: British Army Website

    You have to be a British, Irish or Commonwealth Citizen in order to join:

    Commonwealth Secretariat - Member States
  11. I appreciate it. Thank you for your service.
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    You wouldn't qualify as an American with no ancestral right (e.g. a British parent or grandparent) to live or work in the United Kingdom. We have already established that the U.S. isn't a Commonwealth country, so unless you marry a Brit very soon and move over here and **eventually** acquire a passport, you have very little chance of realising your goal. Sorry, but that is the way it is.

    (assuming this is no wind up of course)
  13. All points accepted. good luck!
  14. 'You have to be a British, Irish or Commonwealth Citizen in order to join'

    Well, when the 250 year lease on America runs out and we get it back, he will be a Commonwealth Citizen - just hang on in there until 2026.
  15. I have met several dual nationality Brit/Americans including a couple of officers - one Gunner, one Blues and Royals. They were all "illegally" dual nationals.

    However your whole premise is flawed. If you don't care which nation you serve and it is just the military life style you want, may I suggest you hop on a plane and make your way to FORT DE NOGENT, 94120 FONTENAY SOUS BOIS, PARIS FRANCE? The nice man in the kepi blanc will be only too happy to relieve you of your US passport and provide you with a nice new French military ID card. Five years military life style...job jobbed. You can even take your bum-chum with you, to act as a condom when the big butch Swedish Adjutant comes for you by night...