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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hattie_Jacques, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    off on a trip stateside shortly to play with the ANG, just wondernig what kit people have gone for when it comes to the usual "gee, can i swap you my hummer for that pencil sharpner, as used by the SAS" type bartering, I hear they have some good poncho liners, any other suggestions for kit to try and skank off them?


  2. Swapped a load of fruit dumplings in butterscotch sauce for some MREs once, then we drove off and watched them pulling funny faces as they tucked in :D
  3. MRE Heaters....

    Empty em into a coke bottle, piss in it...put the lid on, then leave it or chuck it at a mate..

    Then laugh hysterically when he's showered in your scalding, stinking steaming pi*s....

    Of course, its probably illegal, and I can have no part in trying to justify anyones actions if they choose to do this....
  4. sell them the steam off your sh*t as they will bye anything the f**king yanks.
  5. Surefire Flashlights, "Rocky" or "Danner" boots, Jambalaya MRE's, Camelbacks, anything RFI issue, "Microfleece" watch caps, MOLLE pouches, Ballistic Protective eyewear(wiley-X, etc.),Poncho Liners, "Under Armor" T-shirts. most G.I.'s will trade , or find a "Supply weenie", they usually have plenty of extra kit squirreled away for trades.
  6. Bear in mind, pretty much most kit that isn't signed for is available for sale on the base PX. Generally only the unit-specific stuff like patches are really trade-worthy.

    Where are you heading for?

  7. I once swapped a beret and a wolly pully for a camp cot - well... two actually. They used to like berets, but now they get issued them, so... ? Their waterproofs look good, but we get issued gortex these days, so... ? Failing that, I think the bottle of pish with an MRE element is a goer!
  8. Poncho liners, as many as you can get your hands on and then sell them for £lots to the rest of the lads when you get back.

    Failing that see if any of their sisters/aunts/daughters (over 18 only) fancy a bit of international bodily fluid swapping.
  9. Poncho liners are very good to get hold of and you will find some nice yank will swop you a poncho liner for a few cap badges, collar dogs etc Anything with a crown on it they will like or patches, wings etc, you name it and they will trade you for it
    Could be worth buying / bringing with you a bag of badges and capbadges and you will probably make a huge saving in terms of trading it for useful kit from the yanks
  10. Do we get issued anything useful that the septics might want ? :D
  11. I'd recommend some oakley's sunglasses, or some other eyewear. My buddies in the Oregon national guard got some interesting kits. National Guard units sometimes get some of the "novelty" items in the DoD's inventory. Camelbaks are definitely nice. Also, some units get padded straps for SAWs and light machineguns that make carrying them more comfortable. I can ask my buddy's Lt if he'd recommend anything, or knows what guardsman might swap for.
  12. heard yanks like our issue sa80 sling. don't know if they get issued tactical 3 point jobs for their m16 / m4s now, but if they don't, then take a few extra slings.

    what to go after out there, yeah, the poncho liners are good, as are their ponchos (lightweight. ripstop, quite large & pack small).
    if you are visiting a unit that still has alice kit (unlikely now), then the ammo pouches were great to get an extra 3 mags on your plce webbing (& worth ths struggle to fit the alice attachments on to the plce belt), the butt packs are good (take an huge amount of kit) & the ffd pouches are good too (& look 'well 'ally'!)
    the US mug/cooker stand combo is very good as a compact brew maker in your webbing.

    used to be the case that the m16 mags were very sort after by Brit forces to replace the crap sa80 A1 mags that we got issued with. the advent of the issue of A2 mags have negateted this I think now.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Sleep system, its 400 bucks of state of the art layered mutli-system comfort and desert gore-tex, because we've not got any.

    Otherwise, remember to pick up any of the following left lying around (and they will).

    gps systems
    tuff books
    the quick mag loader (or does the A2 mag make that defunct now?)
    ear defence (various)
    Water systems (the issue 2l is also very good, not just camelbaks)


    Mr H
  14. as steven and gearupflapup said poncho liners fcuking ace so snap em up, i tie mine into the tropical sleeping bag when on ex ,and i got a little desert cam pillow of a yank there quite good.then the usual sh1te campcots, mre's ,the earplugs and gloves and boots