Yank Gunner Wants to Join HMs Army

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lemon_Septic, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. OK, I know I'm going to get a lot of ribbing by you guys, but I'm hoping, despite all the sh*te I'm going to receive, to get some serious answers / guidance as well.

    BLUF: Can a Yank Gunner officer join HM's Army?

    I've been in the US Army for over 5 years now. A significant amount of this time has been spent in the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, where I've had the opportunity to work quite extensively with British Forces. I love being in the Army, the problem I have is with the people ... my experience with many of my senior leaders is that they’re right cnuts! And the command culture is out of control amongst our senior leadership. In my experiences with Brit forces, you seem to operate in a much more relaxed fashion, care and put emphasis on the issues that need it (not the ones that don't really mean anything), and basically just aren't so uptight like many of the US personnel with whom I grudgingly deal on a daily basis.

    I know Brit forces have personnel from other countries in her services, so I thought why not look into the possibility. I love the Army in general, and am not ready to give it up; that's why I'm considering giving it a try. I just don't know if I can take the people in the US Army for the remainder of a military career.

    There are 2 caveats to my question though:
    1. Could I maintain my US citizenship? (Not sure that I want to give that up to join another nation's armed service.)
    2. Could I still be an officer in HM's service?

    Thoughts? Ideas? Recommendations? Righteous poking fun of my crazy question?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Answers that are serious:

    Q1. I don't know, but you will have to apply for UK citizenship as you ain't in the commonwealth.

    Q2. You could be an officer as long as you pass the requiste tests.

    Why you want to be an officer is an entirely different question.
  3. Why you want to come over to us at all is the question.

    However, the answer is relatively simple: yes, we accept applications to join the UK Armed Forces from foreign nationals. However, there is a minimum residency period that means that applicants must have residency in the UK for a minimum period (which I believe is 2 years).

    There is no requirement for you to hold UK nationality and, indeed, no justification for you to apply for it!

    All posts are open to applications from foreign nationals, including officer training. However, experience has shown that even foreign nationals from Commonwealth countries often have to jump through some astonishing hoops to get in.

    I recommend that you get the real deal from the experts. Go to the Army's official website (www.army.mod.uk) and you follow the relevant links. You'll be sent an information pack and a contact number to call and find out what processes you need to follow, depending upon what Cords or trade you want to apply for.

    Meanwhile, should you be successful in getting into the British Army, the ribbing you'll take here at ARRSE is nothing compared to what you'll get when you join up.

  4. Try for a transfer for two years, then you might qualify for citizenship?

    Not sure if that would work but just giving you an idea.

    Also, many British Soldiers hold dual nationality so I can't see why being a Yank would go against you.
  5. WTF????
  6. Stay in the US, it's a better country.
  7. It's also my understanding that a US citizen who joins a foreign army (notwithstanding our current 51st state status) forfeits their US Citizenship. I suggets you check that out before going any further.
  8. L_S, Have pm'd you.
  9. Yeah, crime is none existant in the US. Their army accepts more opportunities for their soldiers to get killed. It's not insular or backwards at all. And they have TC Bush as a President - Think I would rather have Bliar as a President.

    hkpete, I belive you are talking out of your ARRSE!
  10. It's just the same as here. The main difference being in the US if you protect yourself you won't be seen as the bad guy. In the US you can shoot someone if they break in, here you get done for it (Tony Martin comes to mind). I actually felt safer in the US than I do here.
  11. I also understand this is the case (although somebody told me that an exception is made for the Israeli Army :x ), but this could only happen if the US Govt found out, and then decided to take action - the British Army (or at least the TA) doesn't require you to give up foreign nationality on joining.

    Have you got any Irish blood, or are you good at football (soccer) ? If so, you could probably get an Irish passport :lol: , and would then have no probs joining the British Army.
  12. Yank Gunner wants to become Journalist, perhaps?
  13. Sorry I haven't been able to respond as quickly as I had liked; am currently in Baghdad and have been away from a computer for a while.

    Thanks for the feedback to everybody; I've gotten a good number of PMs from folks and the replies here have been of great help. I've got some research to do and some folks to contact.

    This is honestly a serious question, that I've been giving quite a bit of serious thought lately, and I'm seriously looking into the possibility of pursuing it.

    On another note, I was seriously disappointed in the meager 4th of July celebrations here in Baghdad, and have decided to come back to the mother land. Another question, am I going to owe back-taxes for tea (whic, coincidentally, I don't drink) for the last 229 years?
  14. last time i looked at an irish passport form, all that was required was a grandparent born before 1922 in ANY part of the island, a residency of five years or....

    a phrase along the lines of "well if you dont meet the paper qualifications but you really really feel yourself to be oirish then give us a bell and we will see what we can do for you..."

    i think this was to enable descendants of irish born british/commonwealth citizens who had offspring in the farflung corners of the empire who managed not to qualify directly through direct parentage within the above timeframe.

    speak to your local irish embassy to get the form, and then the passport. in any case its always useful to have a second passport...just in case! :)
  15. Oh yes plus VAT,and you'll have to wait in an 'organised line' foe a while whilst our immigration allows you to fill in your assylum application/fingerprints you.