Yank git wants early release from Navy to play baseball

Navy = Gay
Unlucky for him
Airfix said:
stacker1 said:
Airfix said:
stacker1 said:
Navy = Gay = stacker1
Unlucky for me
Very good num nuts
Don't worry Princess, this will be holed by a.m. like every other thread the pair of us contribute our bickering wit to in the wee small hours of dark o'clock... :roll:
Gets the old post score up though doesn't it? and besides there's sod all else to do on arrse at this time you child abusing, shit stabbing, labour supporting, EU worshipping ponce.
who fcucking cares

Boring, slower (if that is posible) bastardisation of the fourth most boring game in the world, cricket, (after American "football", bowls and Basketball) with a bigger ball, more chance of hitting it and a lot less worldwide xupport.

If it was any good as a game, the "World Series" would include more than 2 countries.
He should've gone to West Point then. They've had the Alternative Service Option program since 2005.

He could have played in the minors for 2 years whilst being assigned to a recruiting station and then, if he's still in professional sports, he could turn his remaining 3 years active service into 6 years in the reserves.

Navy and Air Force don't give their people that option.

And, with the kick-off of the 109th Army-Navy football game 5mins away, I just have to say Go Navy, beat Army.

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