Yank catches .50 BMG richocet to the head...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Recce19, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. fcuking hell
  2. a very lucky chap...
  3. That had to hurt!

    Hope there was a place near the range that sold boxer shorts. He'll definately need a fresh pair...
  4. This guy should go out and buy some lottery tickets :lol:

  5. Sh*t that was lucky!
  6. we're not doin dat anymore! ahuhuhuhu
  7. Crazy thing is that it's legal to buy an M82 A1 in Texas for home defence....
  8. having seen top gear it wouldn't suprise me, fair enough though the yank probly would be too fat to chase after the bandit so it levels it out a bit!
  9. Very true dear boy, ever had a go of the big boy?
    Fantastic piece of kit!
  10. Ouch! Lucky fellow. And he wasn't even wearing a red marker panel .........
  11. Yep! Saw that one as well. Was amazed at their complacency though.
    At least it ended well :)
  12. Wow what a lucky bastard, but what I wonder what the hell they were shooting at.
  13. Knowing our septic cousins' obsession for superior firepower..... probably a squirrel :omg: :roll:

    That was one fecking lucky redneck after that Rick O'Shea, :whew: :wink:

    If it did damage his head there is no worry, as it was not an organ he looked like he used much. :slow: :roll:

    Liked the video of the fly trap, reminds me of the one in the local Stavros. :hungry: