Yank and German embassy "No" to London Congestion charge!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. Wasn't there a bit of a scrap over in America a few years ago over taxation by the British?

    Shouldn't we remind Red Ken what happened then?
  2. Now that will be interesting if they get their way, what a floodgate would open for the amount of peed-off drivers that would use it as grounds for appeal if they did.

    Dunno about the Germans but the Yanks tend to twist and turn themselves in order to try and get what they want (hmmm where I'd get that idea :D ). Although I'm not a fan of the guy, but when Ken's foot is down about an issue as hot as this congestion charge, it normally stays there regardless of any controversy.
  3. It may open the floodgates to people trying to stop paying,or to try to claim their money back, but unless they are all embassy staff I can't see it working for them. I'm sure some small country could offer Londoners a notional position on its staff for a price lower than Red Kens congestion charge/tax/levy/highwayrobbery.

    PS, to any embassy thinking of doing this, I want a percentage.
  4. Unfortunately, Ken's right. It's a toll - not a tax.

    I'd be very surprised if Embassy staff in the US are allowed to ignore tolls (anyone care to back me up/knock me down?).

    Pay up, monkey boy.
  5. Most Embassies ignore parking tickets. Niggerian is possibly the worst. As the non-payment of congestion leads to a fine, it would most likely end up that way. They cannot get away from being liable for congestion fee but just ignore what happens when they do just that.
  6. 'But a spokesman for the mayor said: "The congestion charge is not a tax. It is a charge for a service.'

    What service is this? THe service of driving a car on roads already paid for by car tax, sorry vehicle exise licence or whatever its real name is
  7. Sudanese aren't really that bothered with red lights/pedestrians on zebra crossings.

    It can get a bit Grand Theft Auto, around St James' every once in a while.
  8. C'mon Tone, get off your arrse! Either PNG the b@stards responsible or send the bill to Condi. :twisted: