Yamaha help requested.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Taffd, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    My son's got a 2010 YZF r 125. It's been SORNed since H14, so off road for about 2 years at his base.

    Brought it home about 6 months ago, had a quick go at starting it and it started first time. It's been started a couple of times since.

    Last night however, it failed to start, battery ran down, and we tried it with jump leads with still no joy. Engine turns over.

    Spark plug appears dry.

    Question: Should it be able to start with jump leads? And is it likely that the petrol's just gone off and needs renewing?

    Thanks, in advance, for any help.
  2. In my limited experience, when the battery dies on them it needs replacing. I was never able to re charge or jump mine but a new battery sorted it. Was about £35 for a new one.
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  3. The fuel wiil have gone bad and the battery will be goosed.
    Topping the tank up will square the fuel away. As above, get a new battery.
  4. BigJim has it right. The fuel will be stale after two years and the battery will be so dead as to no longer be part of the ignition circuit - in effect, the current through the jump leads isnt going any further than the duff battery.
  5. Check the fuel filter out too. It might still be ok and fresh fuel should push the old stuff out of it.
  6. Thanks folks. re battery; the bike's only got 700 miles on it, don't know if that makes a difference. All lights came on initially and there's a good spark, so, should it at least be able to have a start with jump leads and fresh petrol, even if the battery needs renewing subsequently?
  7. Is the battery 6V? You aren't attaching a car battery are you?
  8. It should be able to start with jumper leads.
    If the battery still had charge to begin with I'd try charging it and giving it another go.

    Drain the fuel out of the carb when you put fresh fuel into it also.
  9. As someone whos repaired hundreds of bikes heres what I`d do , take off the tank and dispose of the fuel , drain the carb (if its not injection ), fit a new battery ,dont use a starter / charger with old batteries as it can knacker the CDI ,often hundreds for a new one! ,now try and start it , if no joy jump it off a car battery but not for too long as it will burn out the starter motor, if it still wont start and the plug sparks but is dry you will have to remove the carb/injector block and clean it , it will then run!
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  10. It's going to be fuel injected if it's a R125. Also, the R125 is 12v. Drain old fuel, insert new fuel, jump from car and post results.
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  11. I had an R125.

    It is indeed injected. As above, drain the duff fuel and add new fuel with an additive to clean the system. New battery and fuel filter. If it still wont start, bump the ****** and keep it running.

    Also, check the oil and change it. You can never change oil on a bike too often.

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  12. An update.

    Changed fuel, charged battery. No joy.

    However, put a drop of petrol in the spark plug hole and it fired for a second or so. Cannot hear fuel pump priming when switching on. Consequently, suspect fuel pump and now searching for a replacement.

    Yamaha insists it comes sealed into the petrol tank and thus comes as a whole unit. This is patently bollocks as I took the pump out today and it's not sealed in at all. They're asking £280 for the whole thing and cannot or will not supply the pump separately.
  13. Are you getting 12v at the pump? Maybe a fuse.
    Can you touch the rotor to see if it turns freely?

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  14. Connect the pump to a supply to test it. See if it is fucked before buying a new one.