Yamaha Grizzly 450 Dual throttle control assy

Hello all.

Does anyone know how/if/where I could possibly get hold of the dual throttle, (Qtr throttle on the left handlebar - Normal thumb throttle on the right), cable assembly for the in-service Yamaha Grizzly 450.

I know these were supplied exclusively by Yamaha UK to the MOD but after months of searching places like modsales.com for a used one, I have failed to find one.

I will pay V good money for one of these so if you have one sat on your CAST park please give me a shout.

Many thanks

Steven - many thanks for that link - V V useful to have but that assembly doesnt have the throttle lever on the LHS - only the starter cable.

From memory the cable itself is a 'Y' shape as it effectively splits the cable to the 2 throttle controls.

The quest continues...

Many thanks mate.

Again - a very good link and thanks for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately as this was a modification done by Yamaha UK specifically for the MOD, its very unlikely I'd find a new one, (Ive already approached Yamaha UK and they will not sell these retail).

I think my best bet is if one the fine Gentlemen of the REME knows where one is attached to a 450 which is awaiting disposal!

Many thanks again Arte and Steven.


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