Yamaha FZ1N ABS - thinking of buying.

I'm flogging my trusty FJR and looking for something less practical and more fun. What do you guys think of the FZ1N ABS. I ride all year so want ABS and like the look of the naked over the Fazer.

I've had a ride and liked it but would love to know what other bikers think of the newer litre FZ's and whether they know of any howling problems with them. All I picked up from the t'interweb is that the fasteners can furr up rather quickly.

I'm going to test ride a number of similar bikes too.

Cheers chaps/esses
Best advice I can give is buy what you like and screw everyone elses' opinion.

Its a Jap so its going to be reliable if slightly soul-less but its not a honda so its not going to be bland perfection.
Speed Triple.

No brainer if that's the sort of sh1ts and giggles that you are looking for.
the_guru said:
Speed Triple.

No brainer if that's the sort of sh1ts and giggles that you are looking for.
Agreed. More shits and giggles, and it won't be soul destroying or bland. But I'm biased, owning one.
That would be my dream bike if there was abs available. I ride all year and have had my arrse saved on a few occassions by the FJRs when there is a little ice around early in the morning. I'll never get another bike without it again.
Isaac, sounds like you need to make a choice. You said at the start you want to trade in for something more fun and less practical but then you say you must have ABS. The two statements are not quite, but almost, mtually exclusive.

Consider the new VFR from Honda. Cant recall the engine size or exact name but I seem to recall it is fast, nimble and has ABS (although it might have been an optional extra). It is also a Honda so should be good for a few years.
On a personal level I don't see how ABS removes fun. I'm not a biking pureist but do accept that some folk may find this sort of thing unacceptable for their riding style. I suppose it does dumb down some of the skill of riding but, on balance and given that I am not a racer or old sweat with decades in the sadle, I feel it is best for me. It has stopped me from losing control on a few occassions when I didn't think there was ice around (posted to a rural location and go swimming very early in the morning, most of the year on the bike). It has also kicked in when I have grabbed a fistfull when some d1ckhead has pulled out on me. The FZ1 ticks most of my boxes, I just wanted to know what others thought of it.

Saying that, the VFR1200 does look nice but is a ridiculous price and the Yam has 0% finance on it until September.

Thanks y'all.
Im not saying ABS removes fun, just that most "Fun" bikes dont have it!
I went looking earlier in the year for the same solution as yourself. Have a trusty BMW 650 cs that I commute on all year round with ABs and everything but just wasn't that much fun. In the end I was at the triumph dealer looking at something totally inappropriate when I asked about trading mine in, the price they offered was shocking but made me think of keeping my bmw for winter and getting the triumph for summer.

Insurers offered a two bike policy for £30 quid more than I was already paying ,bunch of flowers and false promises to the wife about all the stuff she wanted ( i was already on the bike at this point) and with a bit of dealer haggling a triumph thruxton and grinning taz and a whole summer of riding was mine and I'll save the Abs for winter.

Not bigging it up as billy 2bikes as it still leaves the dilemma of which one to take each day
Sounds like an ideal solution, an older fazer thou (the pre 53 carbed bikes are excellent) and something sensible like an old cbf600abs for the winter.

I may run that past Mrs c-hunt
I flogged my GSXR-750 and BMW F800GS, and bought a Tiger. Rode over to Assen for the TT last weekend and I have to say that it's the best bike I've ever owned. Fast, planted and comfortable.
I ride all year round and have never owned a bike with abs so i cannot comment on it but i have (touch wood) been lucky so far, have had a couple of moments that made my arrse twitch like a rabbits nose but got through them ok.
abs = no stoppies :(

I do like the FZ1N's though and if i was to get rid of the 1400 it would not be too far off the top of my short list.

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