Yamaha Aerox moped nightmare

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Toland, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Morning all, bit of a shot in the dark but does anyone know anything about Yamaha Aerox mopeds.
    This is in regard to Toland jnr's means of transport, currently not at the moment as its sat in the s*** doing my frickin nut in
    It has been a bitch from day one of purchase. It is a 50cc version
    with a Dellorto 17.5 mil carb, Leo Vince ZX exhaust, Piaggio NRG Zip
    Air Filter, standard variator with 3.5g rollers and runs like a sack
    of crap.
    It has a 95 jet I believe and of course my sons friends are all
    experts when it comes to modding their peds so it has been mucked
    about with from the beginning.I have a mechanical knowledge of car engines having
    rebuilt a couple but when it comes to 2 stroke I'm in the dark pretty
    Could you tell me if the set up of the Aerox is right or it needs
    burning!! I can, if need be strip the thing down and fix it but would
    appreciate some advice from grown ups as the info I have got from the
    web so far has been somewhat juvenile to say the least
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I'd start off looking at the jetting in the carb.
  3. Cheers, I have got him a box of jets ranging from 78 up to 98, do I just swap them over until I find the right one or is there a proper way to do it.
  4. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Get a workshop manual. Put the tea on, peruse manual.
    Find 14 year old to dowload and print one out. It will save a lot of grief
  5. Have already downloaded a workshop manual but unfortunately it is for a stock standard moped. If Toland jnr had kept all the parts he has replaced I would be reverting the bloody thing back to its original spec but he lost the bits or sold them or something

  6. It's a start. Is there adjustment of the butterfly?
  7. Only adjustment I can see is for the air idle mix and all that does is allow the idle speed to be changed
  8. Might be a matter of swapping them out then.
  9. Also check,type of oil,synthetic,or normal,and also check PetrOil mix,I know these are basics,but I once saw a 'Scoot',that was supposed to be running a synth/oil mix,seize after about 20 seconds running,because the '17 year old expert',had substituted,synth for normal 2-stroke,as that's all he had in the S**d,it makes a difference.

    The only other thing,as Guru says,is the jetting,have a look in the book,try it and work from there.

    having done that superglue,the carb together,to stop the experts taking it to bits again! ;-)
  10. Ok am going out to have a play with the bastard thing and will update on any improvement. Any further advice greatly appreciated
  11. Good point about the 2T oil. Might be worth draining the tank and putting a fresh load of fuel in before kicking off.
  12. Finally got it working, swapped over the jets a few times and got it going pretty good after a few hours of swearing at it,
    now I can get back to getting my SL back on the road
  13. Remember to tell the silly sod that if he fucks the thing again he's on his own.
  14. He has been made aware that if he or his idiot friends so much as mention any further mods he will be disowned
  15. Following on what I believed was a ped that was working pretty well , it now appears to be idling way too high and I have adjusted the idle speed screw right down from 1 and a half turns to roughly a half.
    so, once again I ask if anyone out there has an idea what could be causing this little issue.
    BTW have checked throttle slide and it is free moving