Yam Brumopolis crawl - Redux

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by PartTimePongo, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Well, it's that time of the year again, and time for another trawl round the streets of Brum, getting drunk in a disorganised rabble.

    So if anyone is interested get your names down date and venues TBD.

    There won't be t-shirts, but there will be beer and people behaving badly in clubs :D
  2. You're not doing the dreaded chav mong and Yardie infested Broad Street, are you?
  3. No, prefer to stay out of that area, and look to the nice bits, with a large Chinese to finish off the night or Manzils, then clubbing.
  4. ah man broad street is completely dire!! ha ha
  5. So, the Chinese Quarter followed by a meal and then clubbing. That doesn't sound bad. Better than Broad Street, where we'd need to put together an Arrse tag team. Mind, we always go on about meting out justice to chav mongs...so...
  6. There's nice bits in Birmingham?? :?
  7. Dire and dying on it's knees. Looking at Star City as the alternate, that can be a fun night out with the casino and clubbing, some good retaurants there and nearby too :)
  8. Civvy scum welcome, PTP?
  9. Yeah, should be good. Will make a change from hanging out with screaming queens on Hurst Street...
  10. The more the merrier HKF, all welcome :D

    Wedge you star!!! Bring yer drinking head ;)
  11. Count me in then. I'm flexible with dates.
  12. Potential interest from me. Wouldn't go to Broad St though. What sort of dates are we talking about?
  13. Have you ever come across that 7 foot tall tranny doorman/woman/it? He/she used to do the door of Bonds in the 90s. Or are you not that old?
  14. Twiggy? Does the doors in DV8 on Essex Street now. Good with the old banter so probably would've made a good Bill Oddie if he/she had given up the smack :p

    PTP - Drinking head will definitely be on. I work 6 on, 4 off with some leave to come so chances are most dates will be good for me :)
  15. Schweik, welcome aboard, Broad St is definitely OOB

    I think we saw the statuesque TV doorman on the last crawl, Looked nails too :(