Yale accepts Taliban despite Gr 4 Education

In the interest of ' diversity ' and non-discrimination, Yale university has enrolled a former Taliban spokesperson who's formal education ended at Grade 4 [ yet, who managed to land a cushy government posting as a diplomat to the USA - most likely because the rest of the Taliban ' government ' never passed finger-painting in Kindergarten ]..


don't know what this says about America....seeking to ' re-educate ' a fanatical adherent to a bigoted way of life in the joys of multicultural diversity..or giving the finger to all those military personnel who fought and are fighting against a racist and repressive regime which denies basic rights to its people one of their representatives now gets to enjoy...


Edited to add that for some reason the link doesn't go directly to the article. Click on home page and scroll down to
Yale: Taliban Yes, Military No

though some of the other articles/rants are just as unnerving...
I have a suspicion he was a cooperator.

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