Yahoo has been hacked!

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by fltpilot, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Seems yahoo has been hacked!
    Anyone with an account could be spamming all in their address book.
    It's mostly for low grade porn or a company offering a product.
    If i was to send porn to all in my address book i would at least make it good stuff!!!!
  2. I have received half a dozen emails in the last 24 hours where the subject line is the same as the sender's name and the content is a single URL link. Just delete them.
  3. I found my email account hacked yesterday, changed my password & so far OK, but the old password was a bastard, so I'm fully expecting it to happen again.

    BT is blaming the customer at the moment & virtually denying anything is happening, a very frustrated message board here:

    BT email accounts hacked - BTCare Community Forums

    It seems that customers accounts are being re hacked & account details changed so they have no access to their mail box's.
  4. Old password was "a bastard". Duly noted. Thanks. I'll just stick "01" on the end to get the new one.

    Now then... bank details.
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  5. Get yourself Lastpass its very secure and simple to use and its free. you only need to remember one password then.

    Look at this article to increase your password 'strength' but still keep it easy to remember.
    Im sure Yahoo allows you to sign in over a secure connection then drops you back to an insecure connection this means that anyone sniffing your wifi traffic can see your cookies containing the login data and password.
  6. The password was secure & complex. The BT mailbox was hacked while the PC was switched off & spam sent at that time. This is a major problem that BT is trying to blame on the customer.

    People have changed passwords & been rehacked, having not subseqently used the mail box. BT remains in denial.


    BT investigates spike in Yahoo! email spamming - Telegraph

  7. The password you supply should never be stored by BT. It 'should' be hashed* and the hash value stored, that way if there database gets hacked the password isn't in the clear.

    Whenever your setting up an account online and you are asked for a password with constraints (EG password must be 6 -10 characters long etc its a good indicator that there gonna store it in the clear in a database, and when they get hacked your account gets burned

    I would **** BT off at the earliest opportunity.

    *it should be 'salted' as well.
  8. Yahoo is being hacked all around the world. Two of my accounts (dormant) and many from international acquaintances have been hijacked.

    Seems to be a global problem related to a security exploit in Yahoo somewhere.
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I never realised anyone still used Yahoo or they were still around as a company....
  10. Good i dont use my Yahoo account and the only people i have added is people sending me spam emails, i added them all to contacts so they can have some porn for good measure.
  11. Oh yes, I still have my '' account.

  12. Still world's third-biggest email provider, apparently.

    Useful if you don't want everything to end up in Google, and the continuity has been quite good - Yahoo email accounts haven't been merged or messed around with for years and years.

    I use it for temporary accounts, and as a copy account for other email providers.
  13. Its also good for putting ads on craigslist.