Yagi Antenna for Mobile Phone ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. At the mo I've managed to get 3 bars on my phone by seperating my KFS and placing all the bits parallel to the phone 1 cm spacing between cutlery (went from 0-1 bars to 1-3 bars and internet speeded up no end).

    ok I'm bored
  2. You not stab yourself in the head when you use it?
  3. What do you do at the weekends? Does it involve trains and a note pad?
  4. Be sure to apply to the Gems scheme recommending it as an enharncement to Bowman :wink:

  5. Is that horizontally or vertically POLARised?

  6. sorry the Gems scheme is all used up asking for a new carpark at Blandford for fat Tech fullscrews!

    Polar why dont you sell your new YagiFork Mobile Signal Booster on Ebay £10 a pop??

    Its a winner

  7. No he is making sure when YOU retire to Scotland that a Medic is available at the Right time, Rightly Trained, Right Records (not in ACCESS :twisted: ) but Oracle and can speak to YOUR doctor when needed - must be the Eclaire you had last weekend :twisted:
  8. Does anyone have the contact details for the GEMS scheme Disco and Boney mentioned?
  9. POLAR!!! PTP is STEALING your idea!!!
  10. Oh fcuk - BUSTED!!!!!!

    Not really, as I'm using steel combs :D
  11. yeah....whatever?!!?!?
  12. Gummy Bunny...you swallow a bollocks pill again :wink:
  13. Horizontal.

    No wories if PTP nicks it, have plan B - where you nick a metal dustbin, point that at the mast, with the phone in the centre. Only prob is you need two people to carry it.

    Will be trying a smaller version with them metal ashtrays..

    please note - these antennas only seem to work after consuming a large amount of wife beater.
  14. No I swallowed a Chocolate Éclair in one :twisted: