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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Potentialrecruit, Nov 7, 2009.

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  2. your'e right potential recruit, you indeed are BIG headed!
  3. be proud of who you are and what you achieve...if your not then who shall be? try and tell me your not proud to be in the position your in just now...we are all in a position where many would fail.
  4. Yes its good to be proud, but if you keep blabbing on about your great acheivements people will get bored and start ignoring you.
  5. i can handle that fella, i dont realy need e-friends. this is a place of opinions and free speech, people choose to read and respond. im not particularly here to be liked.
  6. I mean in general, not on the internet.
  7. im a loved individual lol... its simple mate if people dont like me then tough, i dont ask for them to speak to me, they can foxtrot oscar. nice runtime fellas and well done, but better watch some people may see it as being big headed. personally i dont. i just see guys who are proud of themselves, and so you should be!
  8. 9.28 but i had the flu at the time
  9. Pararegtom

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  10. I smell a WAHHHHHH.
  11. thats just because your nose is too close to your own arrse bud!