Yachtsmen freed by Iran.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Dec 2, 2009.

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    This is good news indeed if it turns out to be correct. For me there is no doubt whatsoever that dear old Mr I'llgetmydinnerjacket has had his nuts gently squeezed by someone higher up the Middle Eastern Islamic food chain, ie The King of Bahrain or one of the potentates from Dubai.

    Iran cannot afford to upset their wealthy oil-rich muslim brothers at the moment - doubtless they'll have let him take the glory as a 'face-saver'.

    I cringed all of yesterday during the news reports of this incident when the BBC insisted on called the Famous Five 'Sailors' - to me this has a Naval flavour and believe they should have been referred to as 'Yachtsmen'.
  2. Nah maddinnerjacket has had a luxury yacht for a week and is now bored, just a case of rich kids gone playing broke there boat upset Iranian Immigration, and mummy and daddy has a friend at gubment and called in a favour, foreign office should now prosecute the yachtsmen for costs and upsetting foreign policy.

    Just seen happy mummy in front of their million pound house being really proud of there little darling.

    Whilst some poor mum on a council estate in a godforsaken part of town is waiting for a knock on the door whilst there son is facing a enemy in a unpopular war in a country no one gives a shit about.
  3. My sentiments exactly!
  4. Queensman you're right. The meeja cannot tell the difference between:

    b)merchant seaman
  5. I heard somewhere that they were all ex pats, who'd left this cold windswept place called blighty, for a much better life in the gulf! :p
  6. I had to laugh listening to the news report on this earlier on. 'The British Government took the softly softly approach so as to avoid being seen as bullying Iran'. Milliband couldn't bully a fluffy kitten :roll:
  7. Freed my arrse! They escaped.

    The photo of the 'yachtsmen' that has being doing the rounds is a photoshopped fake. The original, undoctored picture is shown below.

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  8. But did they get their Ipods back?????