Yacht Charter & forces discount


Does anybody know of any civvy yacht charter companies that give HM Forces a discount on chartering??

Preferably in the North East, but anywhere is fine.

Any info would be much appreciated.
try the joint service place at Gosport..went out from there a few months ago for a leaving do...we chartered 2 boats.
Depends on whether or not you have any sailing quals 11D. Gosport release to qualified personnel only.
For Gosport boats, you all have to be mil. There are forms you can fill in to get civil servants on board but it is a nause. The plus side is that they are free! Have a look at www.jsastc.org and give them a ring. Takeover can sometimes take a while if it is a Monday.

For army boats, it depends on the cap badge, but if you look at www.sailarmy.co.uk there are some contact numbers. The chaterer must be Mil and must have quals, the rest of the boat can be mde of anyone. The gunners have a good boat but will only let gunners charter it (or attached pers). The rates for charter vary from £70 - £120 a day + deposit of upto £750 (not cleared funds in most cases), all based out of Gosport with some summer deployments to other places.

Hope this helps

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