YABBC tags. Help please!!!

As i have got the YABBC tags above my smileys now i would like to know how to use them.  I Cannot do anything with them,  ie insert images or make the nice pretty lettering that leeanne seems to use.

So please if you know,  share the love.    :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Hey Gunners!

I've sent you my secret invention by PM, If there's anything you don't understand, just let me know and I will explain better.....OK?

Remember that it's secret!! ;D ;D
Hey Leanne,  You have been a great help on this matter. As always  ;D ;D ;D


Now about those images??

Do we have to go on a course to use these new buttons?
the image thing is dead easy, see my post on the thread in RLC forum called "be the best,RLC"

The image has to be on the web somewhere so that you can put the hyperlink to it

You press the image button then you have to replace the URL bit with the actual address of the image.

ie if you type


in the middle of the {img} {/img} you get


to get the address for a particular picture in a web page just put your mouse pointer over the image/photo/whatever and click the right mouse button, then click properties at the bottom of the menu you get and a new box pops up, in the middle of all the guff it gives you about the image is the URL, just cut and paste the URL into the middle of the IMG bits and Bob's your male relation.

Apologies if I'm teachin you to suck eggs ;)

Cheers Humphrey, your help is greatly apprieciated


PPS:   Did we forget the safety officer??
Gunner, as I said on another thread, less is more mate, your lovely red writing is lovely but it's a pain in the arrse to read ;)

A further point to note chaps and chappesses, please remember to engage brain before you post a link to any sort of image that may offend, I for one will delete any image I think is innapropriate and I will lobby the two CO's to have the poster barred if they persist in posting naughty pics, remember this is a public forum and we dont want bad press.
TOTALLY AGREE HUMPHREY.  Maybe you should delete the last post of yours??

PS:  YES, NO AGC or RMP Pictures either... ;D
You may have a point there gunner, so to compensate..

Would you look at the span of that!!!!

I'm off for a lie down,

to paraphrase helen from big brother "I love brigding I do"
Well, I think I've just about....

...dug my way to the bottom of this mystery :)

When you click on the properties button to see what the Address for the picture is could I advise that you look at the dimensions too.

If it's bigger than 500x500 I'd suggest you do the decent thing and leave alone as it not only makes you scroll accross to see each message but anyone with a slow internet connection is going to be sitting there for an awfully long time waiting for the piccy to appear, Some of us poor people out here actually have to pay for the time they spend on the internet you know ;)


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