Yabadabadoo - Justice For Another Turd

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tattybadger, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Sean O'Neill, shit-beetle extraordinaire, has had his come-uppance in the states.

    "He was a respected member of the business community in the Philadelphia suburb where he lived with his wife and three children. There was a home on the East Coast, a house in the country and a property in Ireland to maintain the links to his childhood in Coalisland, Co Tyrone.

    But the family’s life has crumbled with the revelation that he is a convicted IRA terrorist."

    May he rot in hell.

    Sean O'Neill Convicted

    Hope he gets the full 143 years - couldn't happen to a nicer bloke - sure his name rings a bell ........
  2. Well, that's cheered me up.
  3. Indeed. Somebody just asked me what I was laughing at.

    "O’Neill’s lawyers insisted that whatever the children’s sins, the father was innocent. They said he was being pursued because of a perceived anti-Catholic and anti-Irish bias in the American legal system. In one statement they claimed that the charges “were a thinly veiled attempt to convince the jury that Mr O’Neill is an Irish Catholic terrorist with a propensity for buying guns and allegedly lying”.

    However, that defence was abandoned when O’Neill pleaded guilty to three counts of immigration fraud, one count of possessing a firearm silencer without a serial number and one count of conspiracy to commit tax fraud."
  4. The guy sounds like a right Paddy and should be booted out after he serves the 143 years. His kids don't seem to be any bargain either.
  5. Hahaha! So there is a God!

    Get him inside and get him on the blanket! They fcuking love it!
  6. He ain't locked up yet. He got bail. :roll:

    Despite the huge bond I bet he tries to do a runner.
  7. I love this comment:

    Hitler had quite a big staff too :)
  8. "Police say that Roisin (daughter) had a 0.197 blood-alcohol level when she left a bar and drove the wrong way on Interstate 476 early last September.
    She apparently traveled three miles before striking the car driven by Patricia Waggoner, 63, of Brimfield, Massachusetts. Waggoner was in the area to visit her grandchildren.
    O'Neill Sr. told reporters after the crash that his own legal troubles and potential deportation after a quarter century in the U.S. were "the least of my worries."
    "To face every day is just too hard right now," Shiit Beetle said as his daughter, arrived for an October court hearing in a wheelchair."

    My heart is busy pumping purple piss....
  9. "O’Neill, who has been released on $1.2 million bail, will be sentenced next month. Michael Schwartz, his lawyer, said: “Mr O’Neill has accepted responsibility for his actions and is working to help his family move forward in these very difficult times. We expect that the court will view Mr O’Neill’s actions in the context of his entire life and will impose an appropriate sentence that allows Mr O’Neill and his family the ability to rebuild their lives together.”

    Well I hope they can all live in the same cell then!!!!!!!!
  10. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    As the septics say:
    "What goes around comes around."
    Let's all hope he gets his.
  11. Fuck that - I hope they're all dry-bummed to death by a hairy-arsed hermer, with a huge cock, AIDs, an indeterminate sentence, jailed for stealing Viagra, the horn like a buffalo and breath that would skin a rhino at 400 paces.
  12. I'm wanking myself into oblivion here. I love the boys from Coalisland. There was Kevin Barry O'D - found himself on the wrong end of some Hereford Hooligans and ended up looking like my Mum's colander, Tony Doris - starred as the main course in his own BBQ (again, courtesy of HM Forces) and then this cretin. Great people.
  13. Best performance that year was baldy's humpty-dumpty act!!
  14. Was he OC (Old Coalislandian) as well? Dear me, how could I have missed him - Uncle Denzil's didn't!
  15. OC - 'Oled Cunt I'd say!