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It's just you.

They're promo video looks very professional
Well, I've looked into it and it appears to be a bit of harmless fun. Sad, admittedly, but harmless.

So, yes, it is just you, you cunt!
Well, I've looked into it and it appears to be a bit of harmless fun. Sad, admittedly, but harmless.

So, yes, it is just you, you cunt!
Yes it is indeed sad, what happened to all the fun with bb guns?

You are looking at the future of the British Army, my friend, mark my words. When Cameron and Fox find out that Airsoft is even cheaper than the TA....
If people are earning a bob or two from it wtf is wrong with it, is my view. The need that joe public may have to fantasise is being served by a business opportunity.


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I think these guys could replace the TA - a bunch of idiots willing to run around and be treated like shit all weekend, and pay to do it!
We get a reserve force, who actively contribute to the fcuked economy! Everyone's a winner!
this was done years ago someone threatned the loons with the caa as they were trying to reinact black hawk down hanging out of civi helicopters. strangely even if your a mad airsoft ninja carrying toy guns on aeroplanes is frowned upon:)

to the outrage unicycle, there isn't a moment to lose in not giving a shit.
Good Omens had an excellent reference in it to war gamers, the naughty Crowley turned all the pretend paintball weapons into real M16s.

I think Aziraphale corrected any injurys, excellent book by SIR Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

They're promo video looks very professional
I take it Whinney Hill has een sold off now then? Shame - it was a good training experience
see not completetly harmless just very very sad

I'll guarantee you that lot were airsofters from that group of mongs stirling airsoft. Morons are out on the hills every month with their plastic gatts. The number of times some idiot has binned it & walked back off the mountain into civilisation & through a village sans gatt causes the local plod to have a heart attack. My mate is a bizzy down there & they grip his shit big time. One of the spotty bastards walked into a chippy in his 'kit' & toy gun filling up after he'd biffed it. Them my arrse!

As far as I know it's run by some "Ex Them" and at least 1 really was on the balcony ......
I always wondered about airsofters, do they have bendy rubber bayonets that allow them to run at each other with blood curdling yells and petend to stab one another?

Is there a market for rubber bayonets, jungle machetes, khukris, Rambo knives or even tomahawks?
Fucking Hell. We deployed on Telic 1 after beat up training consisting of a boot run the day before we left for Brize and shooting a jerry can in Kuwait from 100ish metres away to zero weapons. I think the (S)AirSoft should run OPTAG in future.

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