Y (Rifles) 5RRF, Danum Road Doncaster

ok, i may not have got the title 100%, but hey, i didnt even know about this until this evening

as best i can work out, after KOYY(LI) went for a burton, Danum road barracks in doncaster eventually became the home of these guys,

so, is there anyone out there who is currently at Danum Road with these fellas?

Im desperately trying to get in touch with someone ex-A Sqn KOYY(LI) who may have a photo im looking for (see my other postings)

Im sure a print of this photo is on the wall in the mess (near that one of the chap with the blowpipe, i think it is)
Danum Road !

CHBS put me in the Danum Hotel once-absolute nightmare.
OK I suppose if you were 19 and spent all night in the clubs. But for someone who just got a bit pissed and went to bed - shiite.

Spent all night looking out of my bedroom window watching the fights, the police cars with the blues flashing and sirens blazing, ambulances........ etc

no matter that I couldn't really function at work the next day.
Doncaster is definately not everyone's cup of tea.

But Y Platoon is a very good unit, if I may say so myself :)
Don't you mean "Donny"? I thought all northeners were that lazy they had to abbreviate the name of where they came from - Over the years I met lads from Darlo, Newky, Boro, the pool (black, hartle & liver), Skeggy, Skelmers, Wakey (and Wako), Barno and Spenny. They probably thought I came from Londo! :lol:
I most definitely concur.

However I am only an adopted Northerner. I too am originally from Londo.

Cheers for the PM AaR, one small problem -

you can probably see im logged in using a slightly different username. Thats 'cos ive forgot what password i used, and cant retrive it cos its from the works email address, and im confined to me quarters recovering from a uvulectomy. Me throat hurts, the internets connections sh1te, me teas gone cold and no i can get to me PMs either...

would you mind resending any PMs to this user name instead? it'l be two weeks before im back on wireless_barf (the original egg banjo accredited username)

and doo-lally, i fully agree with ya about the danum, a reet hole! spend night there after a works do once, crap it was. Mind, probably would have been better if i'd pulled...
Yorkshire Platoon, D (RIFLES) Coy, 5 RRF does exist!

The Details are as follows:

Address: Army Reserves Centre, Danum Road, Doncaster, DN4 5HD
Tel: 01302 322776
Fax: 01302 322776

They are a Rifle Platoon within D (RIFLES) Company which is part of the wider 5th Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. There recruiter can be contacted by the above number.

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