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There's a new scheme called Sickness Absence Management. Full details in AGAI Volume 3 Chapter 99.

Essentially, it ensures that where individuals are SAH or long term sick, a CO will have responsibility for them - if at a distance from the parent unit command responsibility will be transferred. The day-to-day management of soldiers will be carried out by SAM Teams based on regional MAO(CH)s. The teams will visit patients regularly (they will be seen in hospital, at home or at a local med centre), and advise the CO on their management.
How long does it take, until a person downgraded is placed on the Y list and what are the consequences?
me n bee said:
How long does it take, until a person downgraded is placed on the Y list and what are the consequences?
a person can be Downgraded for many years, to be on the Y-List you have to have an Injury Or Illness that renders you unfit for work for a specific time (i thinks its 60 days, can any1 confirm this). e.g break your pelvis and legs in an RTA and you cant walk or work for 6 months.

Spk to your Medics or RMO they'll be able to tell you more
Thanks for the input guys.

I have been P7 for seven months now! Would that mean that I am on the Y list?

Although Army I am at an RAF base making things slightly awkward in my opinion.
i think the Y List is to do with sickness management, so are you on the sick or you downgraded but able to carryout sedentary duties. if you are downgraded P7 (perm) for 8-12 months, key word Permanent, and unable to carry out your roles and injury incurred in relation to duty and have been in a fair bit. i think you can be referred for a med discharge opinion. dont quote me on this mate i could be talking out of my arrse
When i was on the Y-List, no one ever spoke to me, came to see me or enquired at the Hospital about my treatment!!

Oh sorry, the MAOCH came for about 10 minutes after 8 months to see if I was still alive - thankfully i was, or my pay would have stopped!
things have changed, the period was 71 days, not sure where 56 days came from. However if you receive an injury or suffer from an illness which is blindingly obvious you will be Y listed with then the medical decision can be made to pretty much put you staright on it instead of being in Limbo for a couple of months.

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