Y List advice.

I dont know if I am posting in the correct forum index but will ask anyway.

Could anyone give me more info on personnel being placed on the "Y list"?
As in,
How long can one remain on the "list" before MD or work towards MD?
Who can put a person on the said list?
How does one be taken off the list?

Any repurcussions after being on the list in further employment?

Many thanks in anticipation.

I am no expert, but a few pointers.

If anyone has been off sick for 70 days (continuous) then they must be placed onto the Y List. That means that essentially you are adminstered by APC. The other benefit is that the unit can then get a replacement. Whilst being administered by APC, you may still be able to get help from your unit. Whilst not on their strength, if you are living close to them, they may still be able to get things via them. As for how long you remain on the Y List depends on your medical circumstances. I would suggest whichever medical organisation is looking after you would be able to say when a MD would occur. Don't forget though that you can still get resettlement etc. As for coming off the list, again, the medical staff need to say you are fit to return to work, although there are now possibilities to return "part-time" so you are kind of half on half off the list. Futrure employment will surely only be affected by any disability etc you may have. In certain cases, a future employer shouldn't need to know you were MD.

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