XZ666 Lynx "Damien"

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by RUCFOREVER, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. I know this Lynx is famous (infamous) but has anyone got any photographs of it when it was in service as an AH.1 mainly in Northern Ireland , I did fly in it when I was in Carrickmore 83/84 and have a few pics of it then . Also if there are any good tales about it I would like to hear them , why I want this info will become clear in January but anything is appreciated.
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    There is a thread about this somewhere.

    Many here will have the cab in their log books as pilot / commander and DG.
  3. I know it's only a number but XW666 a 51Sqn Nimrod R1 was destined to be the first one lost of the three originals.

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  5. Serviceable and on Provence Standby (Damien did a lot of that)

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  6. you kidding. I LOVED flying 666 only Lynx that never broke down!!!!
  7. Treble six was the Theater Reserve cab held by 655 at Bellykelly during 88-90.
    Strictly speaking it was on Standbye but in practice it was employed as just another line cab.
    As one of the two LAD shift Staff Sgts I would say, Damien as the troops liked to call it, it was no better or worse on the serviceability front then any other Lynx.
    Early 90, April ?, a large vertical crack was found port side say 18 inches fwd of the center section to tail boom transportation joint.
    We assumed that the crack was from the Tail Rotor G/B, where on all Lynx first doubler plates had been fitted at T/R GB mount, then the Joe bolts had been replaced. The cracking then moved down to area around Angle G/B and we assumed forward to center section.
    Memory says all Lynx in German had had their tailbooms changed in early 80's, 81-82 for repair by Westlands.
    MARTSU ( Navy Fleetlands ) where called in and the cab was returned to mainland for repair.
    I was out service by August 90 and never saw it again.

  8. I remember being entertained by tales of "Damien" by a (possibly somewhat one over the eight) AAC type in the civvy terminal at Aldergrove. Would have been '84/5-ish I suspect. I was duty plane-spotter and he probably should have known better.
  9. Damien will be appearing in a painting I've just commisioned of a pair of Lynx over Fermanagh. Artistic license? Quite possibly.
  10. Now that's interesting, what scheme/time period will it be in?
  11. Cushy bloody posting...
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  12. 1992ish. Around the last time I flew it. Here's a rough draft.

  13. As a Gazelle/Lynx Aircrewman Observer (a long story) I remember Damion as a bit of a beast but it has been a few years since we first met at Ballykelly where I served from 30 NOV 86 till 15 JAN 90.

    According to my log book in 1989: March 26 Aircraft: LYNX XZ666 Pilot: ****** (SSM 655 SQN at the time) Aircrew Duty: ACM 'O' Flight Details: ALDERGROVE - LISBURN (HELI TELLY FIT) - ALDERGROVE - BALLYKELLY Hours Flying: DAY 1.6 TOTAL 2506.2 Prior to that I guess it was at Aldergrove because that was my first log book entry of its tail number after which it crops up a few more times on runs from Ballykelly to Aldergrove (I recall service ability was not good), trips to Angelo before an Omagh duty or on an Angelo duty.

    I do have some pictures of Lynx from that time, not sure if Damion features and I haven't worked out how to show them here yet anyway.
  14. Thanks for the input, the reason I was asking is that Corgi are releasing a diecast 1/72 model of 666 around March. I do a little bit of research for Corgi and used some pics I have of 666 in Carrickmore in 83/84 to select the scheme. I will post some pics of the pre-production model when they are available.




  15. RUC, Corgi doing it in the old skool black n green? If so, fantastic! Being the sad spotter geek and font of all knowledge Lynx type person, I have the current TOW version they released a little while back. Just waiting for Airfix to get their arse in to gear and release the 1/48 scale Mk 7...its been on their 'release soon' catalogue for about a year and a half now.