To give you some sound advice, I'd strongly recommend you look some where else. However, you'll probably make that decision for yourself once the visit is over!
Just as a warning to any monkeys out there, this post is not going to end with the words, of course, that's just my experience and I'm sure there are some good RMP out there.

I have never met such a cretinous bunch. Ever.

This began waaaay back in the early days with some bloater subbie splitarrse at a Fam visit (shudder - I was young!) finishing her brief with the words 'of course, it's my Tp Sgt who really runs the troop, I still haven't got a clue what I'm doing...' - and this after 18 months at RD, with a 6 month tour of NI under her belt! Way to motivate wide eyed undergrads to wear the cherry berry of shame!

On exercise in Cyrpus, when two of the blokes beat another one up in bed with a broom - case collapsed because, you've guessed it, the RMP managed to misplace the broom in transit...

Coming out of camp as ROO in the Duty Rover at mach one after a fire in the MQs, and being stopped by some fcukwit of a lance-jack at a t-junction for not wearing my seatbelt - tried to explain but he wanted to give me his little spiel - encounter only ended with me saying 'Fcuk it, drive on!' and leaving the scrote in my exhaust, after which the little sod reported me to higher!

They're wnakers, with no discernable war role, and very small penises.[/i]
If you want to join, dont bother with the RMP, join a proper unit. All you will do is get very frustrated there are only a handful of roles of any use (Airborne etc). As an officer there is really fcuk all to do, 90% of them are pompous wan*ers. Dont let the vist fool you, its about as acurate as that Spooks fantasy sh1te on TV.

Unfortunatley quite a few of the RMP are strokers, but despite a previous post some of them are alright, granted they are few and far between. The temptation to be a fat knacker with a power trip is strong. You never notice any decent ones only the t0ssers.

Join annother unit and if you are still sure you can always transfer. Have you been watching Red Cap too much?
On the basis that various people have tried to persuade you otherwise, let me ask you a question; why do you want to join the RMP?
We may as well know cos' you're clearly not listening to any of the advice you are being given. Actually, perhaps that makes you the perfect candidate??


I think the point being made here is that the RMP have a somewhat limited role, in comparison to many other parts of the army, and that a reasonably normal person might find the life somewhat boring. For a mainstream RMP officer, you are going to spend much of your career organising traffic control on MSRs and sending your brave boys into combat against drunken squaddies on the lash. CP training is probably fun, though the work itself looks crashingly tedious, and SIB have some mildly interesting investigatory work but the reality is, if you want a satisfactory career in policing, join the civilian police.

Old Uncle Chickenpunk's advice for any young shaver considering a career as an army officer is to JOIN A COMBAT OR COMBAT SUPPORT ARM. You can always transfer out later, with little harm done, and you will have some experience of what it is all about.
Well, if you don't think warning you that you will probably, unless you're very lucky, end up working with a bunch of knobs in your unit, and in the Mess, is sensible advice, then that's your call.

However, what the fcuk would we know, eh? It's not like we're actually in the army, is it? Oh, hang on... :evil:

Here's a couple of starters for ten. Sure people can add more...
Sensible advice 1 - career prospects as a monkey officer? Not great in, but do the CP course and people'll snap you up in Civvy StraBe.
Sensible advice 2 - job satisfaction? Well, day to day, unless you get kicks for busting otherwise good lads who've dropped a bollcok in town by having a few too many, then I'd suggest you think again. On ex/ops - hope you enjoy route marking.
Sensible advice 3 - I'm a big fan of not going army mad, but opportunities to break out and socialize with the rest of the army, let alone civvies, while in the RMP? Not great. Stick me in a mess with a bunch of infantrymen/tankies/sappers/gunners, but for Christ's sake not the shifty twaat in a shiny suit standing in the corner by himself.

If you want to be a copper, have the balls to do it properly, and earn your money dealing with the real nasty scum on the streets, instead of joining an organisation which, in many cases, largely gets its kicks from being able to act the authority figure in the certain knowledge that however ratarrsed, the suspect isn't going to stick/shoot them. And don't give me any SIB shoite. Deepcut anyone?

Lastly, before I end this rant, "No, I didn’t watch a episode of * RedCap and think, “that’s for me”." - If you know so much, why are you asking us questions - looks like you've got your mind already made up
Seems as though you're a touchy, narrow minded, insecure, rude and rather thick young fella, so any thoughts of joining the RMP ought to...oh, hang on, you're perfick!

Just as the average dumbass squadie doesn’t read Bravo Two Zero and join up.
What makes you think they're dumbasses? On the whole they're a lot more open minded than you seem to be, and they'd probably take you apart. If you have got such a low opinon of the reason you should be joining the army (and they ought to be your main reason), why don't you just not bother?
Oh, and on the B20 comment - if you ever go on tour, just have a look at what your blokes have taken as reading matter. Bleak House it ain't.
Treadstone81 said:
So…has anyone been on one of these? I’ve got mine in early Feb 05 and was wondering if anyone had some tips. I imagine it will be a fairly standard(ish) fitness tests (i.e the dreaded bleep test per chance?) and a bit of a look round, but I was wondering if anyone had a more in-depth view?

I’ve also got my RCB briefing a few days later…
This is how I established my view of the RMP.
Back in the cold war days I had to escort a young RMP lance jack to the motorcycle training centre in Colchester because he was found with a thunderflash in his webbing from an excersise he'd just come off. He was not aware of having it until he was cleaning out his kit several days later and showed it to his room mate. His room mate then promptly grassed him up because 'It's what RMP's do' he was later told by his OC and that it was an offence to have pyros in the accomodation especially after he'd declared that he'd not got any at end-ex.
He was jailed for 6 months as an example. So if you want to join a bunch of humourless back stabbing party killers then go ahead, it would speak volumes about your character, but as everyone else here has suggested try and join another arm which will show you the positive side of the army like the travel and social life.
Well, when I first answered this guys query, I thought it would draw a lot of flak but not as much as this.
There was something written in the C17 about the Provost being one man who must command many and could not therefore be beloved but I was unaware it had got this bad. In the days I was in the Corps we were maybe not liked but we were certainly not hated. However, it is not for this reason that I would advise the questioner to look elsewhere.
Life as an RMP officer is very limited. Because of his rank, he cannot do the patrol work done by the NCOs. There is a drive from on high to make the corps soldiers first and policemen second. This is possibly OK (other than the fact that the army has lots of soldiers and too few policemen) but the 'soldier' training ends pretty soon. There is no full career for a soldier in the Corps and they only dip their toes into the pool.
My 2P? - get into a regiment with a good name - what that? ask around. I think some of the best officers I came across were gunners. If you can fit in with the Haw Haw types, have a look at the guards; good for a later job in banking.
OK, I'm not a redcap but I've been on a few of these fam visits and spoke with lots of people who have done the same. Firstly, take on some of the constructive advice give by other posters and ignore the rest. If RMP is where you want to go then go for it. Use the fam visit to make your own mind up - that's why you're going. Be yourself, have fun and don't worry too much about the interview. :)
Treadstone81 said:
To be honest I’m disappointed with the predictable anti-RMP replies. I understand they are not the most popular regiment…but unless you have something sensible to say – please don’t bother. :roll:
You sound as if you were made for the RMP. Enjoy.
OK, I'm not a redcap
Unless I'm very much mistaken, you're not actually in the army either, are you?

Soooo, after exhaustive debate, eight serving or retired members of HM Forces have counselled against you joining the RMP as an Offr, including an ex-RMP himself (who, by the way, seeming like a balanced and sensible sort of guy, must have been a massive anomaly in his Corps :wink: )

Those who have said "go for it if it's what you want"? Ahem, one.....civvie.

By all means, do it. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of years. I'll be the one who does a neutral turn on your thermos, while throwing a lucozade bottle of p*ss at you, as you try and stop me because the packet details on the side of my vehicle aren't the right colour of chalk.

Much love, Treadders, much love!
All I can say is the Met is full of ex service police of both the comissioned and non comissioned variety.

I gave a great deal of thought to going the redcap route but always came back to the advice i was given on my fam vist, (if you want to be a policeman join the police or be an NCO, its not what we do) for which I am eternally grateful.

Treadstone81 said:
To be honest I’m disappointed with the predictable anti-RMP replies. I understand they are not the most popular regiment…but unless you have something sensible to say – please don’t bother. :roll:

No, I didn’t watch a episode of * RedCap and think, “that’s for me”. Just as the average dumbass squadie doesn’t read Bravo Two Zero and join up. :twisted:
Stupid boy, stick to watching telly, theres a good little soldier. :D
Bollokcs to the lot of it. Choose whoever you like. It'll all change at RMAS anyway when you'll get a taste of all of the Corps and Regiments during your training and you'll be able to make a much better decision based on that.

Hellsteeth, they might not even take you! I got rejected by three different Corps and Regiments (b*stards! I hate the lot of you!) and pretty much had to take what I was offered - not what I would have chosen, but it's turned out for the best in the long run.

Just so you are prepared for what you'll come across-

You'll arrive at Worthy Down partake in a reasonable coffee having seen an extraordinary large amount of officers walking their dogs.

You then have a little get to know you session and meet your aquaint organiser an AGC officer. There should be an RMP officer there, looking a bit redundant, just in case you have a few questions about the corps. After this you wait around all day, have dinner and drink alot.

Next day fitness tests, group sessions, etc etc. Standard personality things. Day after that you should visit an RMP location. Then off home you go.

Hope that helps a little but I'd agree with the majority of people here, the RMP seems to have little role in Army life anymore and doesn't offer much potential for career prospects.

What worried me, true or not, is when the OC answered a question about police assistance in the case of needing to jail a soldier. His response "Call the civvie police, the nearest RMP are in Catterick" this was near Liverpool. Not exactly an all covering police force.

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