Discussion in 'Officers' started by Treadstone81, Dec 5, 2004.

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  2. 18 Platoon by Syndey Jary
    Quartered Safe Out Here by George MacDonald Fraser
  3. Armed Forces of the United Kingdom by Charles Heyman
  4. Second that one an outstanding read!!!!!!

    Stalingrad & Berlin by Anthony Beavour for histroty value the same goes for anything by Stephen Ambrose
  5. Soldiering on: Unofficial portrait of the British Army by Dennis Barker. An excellent unbiased view of the cold war army throughout its posting in the world.

    Synopsis: Mr Barker visits a number of units in the regions such as Hong Kong, Germany and Northern Ireland and talks to the Soldiers, Officers and wives to get a real feel of their interpretation of their own lives and aspirations.

    It also looks at how the Army of the 80's selects and trains its men, women and officers and compares this to civilian industry. At the end of each chapter, the author compiles a conclusion, with both negative and postive points.

    It is a book that I have gone back to time and time again.



    p.s. original post I was having a brain fart about the title!!

    also added:
  6. All of the McAuslan books by George MacDonald Fraser (i.e. The General Danced at Dawn, McAuslan in the Rough, and The Sheikh & the Dustbin). All three can be obtained in one volume called The Complete McAuslan. I would consider them absolutely essential reading for anyone aspiring to command soldiers. Their portrayal of regimental - especially mess - life is uncanny. The opening chapter on the author's own RCB is spot-on. They are also side-splittingly funny.
  7. By the Blue, the 5 must reads are:

    Serve to Lead - 2nd edition
    The Face of Battle - J. Keegan
    The Anatomy of Courage - Lord Moran
    Defeat into Victory - F.M. Bill Slim
    Battalion - Alastair Borthwick

    18 Platoon - Sidney Jary is on the recommended list, along with D. Proctors Section Commander. The Cadet Blues quote 18 platoon a lot, but I still can't get a copy.

    I would type them all out, but it is late.
  8. The two books by John Masters
    Bugles and a Tiger
    The Road Past Mandaly
    Excellent reads, first deals with his time as Subaltern in 2/4 Gurkha Rifles post WW II.
    Second his WW II adventures including commanding a Chindit brigade of 6 battalions behind Jap lines while still a substansive Lt, wartime only Captain, acting Major in appointment as Brigade commander.
    The GMF book Quartered Safe out Here is excellent.
    I would also recommened Where Soldiers Fear to Tread by Ranulph Finnes, his time as an infantary platoon comander (Recce Platoon) with the Sultan of Oman's army Muscat Regt.
    PS Masters married the devorced wife of one Col Rose, whos son Mike did well, commanded 22nd SAS led the troops in Bosnia and retired 4 star
  9. Pegasus Bridge - Stephen E Ambrose (also wrote Band of Brothers).
  10. Jomini's "Art of War" for the science behind manoeuvre warfare. And Sun Tzu as well.

  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Read the international affairs parts of The Economist magazine.

    Try to learn a foreign language - French, Spanish, Arabic. I lose count of the number of times over the last 20 odd years that would have been useful to me.

    If you aren't already in the TA join it now as a soldier. It doesn't matter what unit. It will give you a grounding in basic military skills, so when you arrive at Sandhurst you can focus on learning command rather than trying to remember how to strip your rifle.
  12. The Struggle for Europe -- Chester Wilmot

    Japan at War: an oral history -- Haruko Taya Cook & Theodore F. Cook
  13. Even better join the TA, do the recruit stuff and get some officer training weekends done (it's not difficulot to get on them, initially), you'll get experience of using combat estimate, section/platoon attacks so you'll be more comfortable using them when arriving at Sandhurst.

    I'm currently reading 'With the Jocks' by Peter White, 18 platoon is hard to track down in the shops but I'd guess that Amazon has it.
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