Just get a cheapy one for basic as it may get scratches on your exercises. After that, wear what you want, as long as it's sober.
I drew mine on with a waterproof marker - cheap, cheerful, and won't get damaged!! Best of all, I set the time to 0655 so that way I will always have 5 mins more to sleep in!


I have a load of copy watches coming in at the end of the week from China.
I wont know what they look like or how much I’ll charge until they arrive, but they’ll look good, be ideal for use on exercise, and will be cheaper than what you can find in the UK.

PM me if you’re interested and I’ll send you details once they arrive.
If I were you, I woudnt bother with anything too flash just yet. It galls me to even mention the name, but Argos will sell you a cheapy black plastic Casio or Timex "Expedition" watch for under £30.00
The Expedition models are actually quite good, they are very subdued, sufficently waterproof and have a very good backlight.
Gucci chronographs are something to reward yourself with a bit further down the line.
Hi mate

You want a robust watch go for the civ version of the military issue one made by MWC (used to be CWC) mine has lasted me nearly 20 years in the Infantry! Cost is about £50 but don't pay Silvermans prices (try its cheep its cheerful but its robust and works fine (I even use toothpaste to remove scratches and it actually works). throuh a nice QM's dept you can always get a replacement strap or battery time and time again.

Only recently have I upgraded on a trip to the USA I got a Luminox US Seals Divers watch (with a good rate of exchange comes in at £70 instead of the £120 here in the UK). It does what it says on the tin but boy is it luminous but then for a man getting on, you need a bright light to read a normal one in the dark anyway.

Hope this helps, good luck with Basic Trg and enjoy it, oh and when times are hard look around there is bound to be someone in a worse state than you and if not - well time to reconsider your career option!

Just get yourself a G shock!!! indestructable and it tells the time

If you are heading for lympstone don't buy one yourself as you will be issued with a really big divers watch, one for one when you hand your brain in!!! :lol:

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