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Treadstone81 said:
Despite soon to be doing selection (this month), I've been told I can't join RMP till September or October due to vacancies! Totally gutted, I was really looking forward to joining much sooner than that.

Guess I have to hope that someone drops out April or June :x
What's the rush? Spend the extra time working at things that will stand you in good stead for when the time comes. Language learning - ah! but which one. Arabic or Chinese if you already have a European one. You can never be too fit. First aid - serious one at good level not just a vocational/H & S one. Do you drive a car and ride a motor-bike - with licences?
If you havent already, get your driving license. If you want a REAL cushy first 6 weeks do your B+E (trailer), you will prob get sent home on leave for a few weeks whilst the others catch up. plenty of running and uper body i.e. pressups etc will stand you in good stead for phase one at winchester and at Dryad/Southwick. there are courses at phase 2 every 6 weeks, sure someone will drop out, even at phase one may allow you a slot!


I passed selection in September 2005 and was told that I would begin basic in March. I know exactly how you feel I began my application to join the Army and the RMP in particular in November 2004 (when I was told I was too young to be a member of the RMP). I was also told that there was the possibility of someone dropping out and me getting their place my advice is don't get your hopes up. My six months waiting has been sh*t, but now i'm in my final week and absolutely bricking it now! And in regards to all the other emails about learning a language I set out to do that in October but didn't last very long just concentrate on keeping yourself fit, motivated and smiling.

Good luck at RSC and hopefully at your basic in Winchester too!!!!

Stick with it!!!


P.S Oh and Treadstone? Bourne Identity? (wicked film) and spooks was much better with him in!!

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