Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Treadstone81, Jan 3, 2006.

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  2. Doubt it, I had a £200 fine and 6 points just before I started RMAS and no-one gave a toss.
  3. You could tell the beak that you are joining the Monkeys and that you were "familiarising" with your car before you joined up. Works for every fcuking peeler that gets away with it
  4. In this era of the speed camera cash point for the blairist government most drivers have points on their licence (apart from me). ( but thats cos I haven't got my latest NIP in the post yet)

    So I wouldn't worry about it matey..
  5. No because its not a criminal offence. its a traffic offence and you would have no dramas with civ plod so mil plod would be no different.
  6. Should invest in a Snooper bud!

    Don't reckon it'll help your entrance into the RMP but give them a shout. It would cause more of a problem if you were entering the RAC or RLC etc because you need your license in order to complete phase 2 training. Best thing to do is phone the Career's office (anonymously) and ask them their opinion.

    Hope all goes well.
  7. Snoopers don't detect the mobile cameras I think.
  8. Mine did today! Along with every bloody petrol station door within a 5 mile radius... damn thing!
  9. I think your be ok.

    you should be looking at one years ban ( i think ), but i dont think the army are in the position to turn down potential recruits just for not having a driving chit.
  10. A one years ban ? I doubt it, unless you mowed down a flock of nuns while you did it ! I got caught at 104mph on the M69 in 2000 - 600 quid fine and 6 points. No ban.

  11. Must be luck of the draw with Magistrates, virtually uaranteed a ban over 100mph up North
  12. 110 over double whites equalled a 28 day ban and 350 quid fine in sunny Devon, strangely no points!! Wear a suit to court and hope the madge has forces history.......Always take the advice/services of the duty solicitor in the court room, remember to tell the Madge how hard your CO is going to ream your arrse for this, seems to help.

  13. What were you driving/riding?
  14. Shouldn´t affect you but the RLC may want to claim you as no army vehicle can go that fats without falling apart....
  15. Only if you don't slow down at the gate